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Friday, March 19, 2010

Mr. Zeiger and the Aliens Among Us

Wanted: Grand Larceny.

Mr. Lawrence Harvey Zeiger is wanted for theft of a chair belonging to an unnamed journalist. Zeiger is also known as Larry King, among other aliases. Alleged be the child of jewish holocaust survivors, Zeiger's long list of thefts include time wasted and public opinion manipulated, and he is named in a class-action suit by the American public. Apparently, several other authentic journalists have joined as plaintiffs in the civil suit to unmask Zeiger's fraudulent behaviour as a television personality and to unseat this criminal whom the suit claims rose to his current position due to jewish nepotism.
The suit also claims that through lobbing "softball" questions to repugnant guests and scandalous innuendo toward decent interviewees, that he has furthered the agenda of his hebrew handlers.

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