photo,"Julie" by William Huber

Monday, December 6, 2010

Define Irony ...

Calling out from beneath the suffocating weight of your darkness ...
Overcome with confusion, angst and impatience ...
Wondering how one's heart may pump as marble ...
Asking for forgiveness though there's nothing to forgive ...
Reading into bruised and tattered tea leaves worn by acidic speech...
Daring to gaze forward and up from the abyss ...
Strength is found by those who won't lie down ...
                                            those who kick and scream as I ...
                                                who may one day surface whole ...                                                       I pray.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Not sure if I should, but I feel that I must.
What the hell, they're just words.
Little stories, footprints in dust.
Consuming urge to shout, to plead,
Please don't passively nod, listen to me.

Java and watered down Jack,
Bars of isolation,
Shot glasses filled to the brim.
Unwittingly, my vulnerability gulped down,
Satisfying demented intent.

Razor tongue pierces bone,
Venom, spite, hate and loathe.
Voices drift over Hades' breeze,
Don't call me Persephone ...
No blood, no foul just emotional disease.

Apologies errily frothy,
Blame, argue, attack and blame.
Baptized in poison,
Starved for attention,
I'll make it up to you someday ...

You hear the voices,
Did they murder your conscience?
Or is it still tied to the clothes line out back?
Withering, weathered, worn ... no more.
Drowned in 150 proof, buried in coke, pills and pot.

Muffled demon laughter floats from beyond the veil,
Naiveté, undeserved trust.
Words filter down from on High,
Echoing through the hushed chamber ...

"Thou shalt not ..." No, your Honor, I won't (then again, I may).
"Thou must'nt ... "No, your Honor, I shan't (but I will).
"Dost thou understand ..." Yes, your Honor **shaking head in the negative**
"You have been warned, I don't want to see you here again."
You won't see me, I'm done ... Almost.

Words Untitled

I have a problem with words.
They often fail me at the most awkward moments,
You know the ones ... like this one.

I often feel as Joyce, disheveled and prostrate over the keyboard,
Distraught at my inability to command them.
Momentary lapse of reason ...

Does no one listen anymore?
Does no one care about images, thoughts, feelings?
I stare blankly at the screen before me ...

Stood up as so many times before,
We must work on our communication skills,
Alas, I fear that this is not working for either of us ...

Monday, September 20, 2010

A new era @ Lucid is set to begin ... 
A movement beyond the MSM ... An exploration of that outside the conventional scope of the domestic worldview ...  
Who are these "key players" ... what does any of it matter anyhow? ...
Just as Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole, we too shall take the plunge.
Beyond illusion, it is a puzzle ... Shall we work the puzzle together? 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alas, we have come to the end of the first journey.

It is interesting to take an objective view of how the scenery has changed to accommodate and further feed preconceived notions that are venomous and toxic, yet seductive in their appeal.  

Humans always gawk and squawk about the misfortunes of others and such common chatter intensifies all the more when drama enters stage Right.  This time around the fluff has been flying from both sides and poison continues to seep into the lifeblood of the MSM.  

Not sure if many witnessed the bantering and blame throwing that took place on the MSM media channels today ... this busy Wednesday in the Wondrous World of Citizen Journalism.  It was very reminiscent of a day on the campaign trail ... without the cameo appearance of the token mistress or male escort, felony charges, or other wild cards.  No, this time around they hit at the root of much of America's issues for too long ... race.  And the entire scuffle has stemmed from the Motivational Production known affectionately as Arizona's Immigration Bill 1070.  

Since you have journeyed with me thus far, I will not digress to the subtlety of details that have shaded our way.  At present, the chatter, protests, and praises cloaking the hotly debated issue have become an all-inclusive resort.  In its discriminatory message, the overall effect does  NOT discriminate.  Meaning, all races have dived into the mix.  But the Big Brother of them all is throwing his weight around causing much unnecessary disturbance, fear, and uneasiness. 

Not since the W years have I heard such fumbling, umming, awing, and fragmented acknowledgement of a major fubar'd situation.  Today was up there with our former Leader's "Crusade" comment ... Not good.  

As I mentioned over at Musings and Illusions earlier, Responsible Journalism is on life support. Course, after today's events, I think it is in the final throes of expiration.  

The great, elected officials are playing fetch, catch, charades, AND hot potato in the wake of the Sherrod controversy.  No one seems to know who threw the first punch, nor who doctored the 20-some year old video that launched this colossal demonstration of abhorred deep-seeded hatred that was rumored to have slipped into dormancy.  And if that isn't enough, the WH now has a serious case of amnesia or other convenient medium of shunning responsibility ... either to accept or determine who should accept the blame.  Meanwhile, the MSM organizations are slinging all kinds of muck at one another.  All that aside ... DON'T LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SCREEN!  Stop and think.

Such a huge Situation is nothing more than an adaptation of a Springer-induced sideshow designed to play to the superficial fears, anxiety, and anger of an already stressed out, manipulated, and complacent public.  Think about it.

I am amazed at the complex appearance of the downward spiral that was initiated by the ill-timed release of a law that if it was of any importance or meaning to begin with would have been designed, delivered, and accepted OR debated Years Ago.  No one stopped to ask, "why now?" Convenient.

So here we are.  The alleged, intended racism associated with the "Law" has grown to encompass the whole of our society, housing it in a huge arena constructed of diverse notions about humanity, racism, and moral obligations,  and within the enclosure the confined are then further divided into those who are in favor of, those who are opposed to, those who are scratching their heads wondering what the hell has happened, those who are profiting politically from the confusion and ire, and those who have wagered money and are awaiting the outcome so that they may collect their winnings.  

People are easily controlled when they are fearful. 

All the back and forth going on right now has Nothing to do with race when it comes down to the heart of it.  For appearance's sake, it looks as such ... but as you already know things are not always as they seem.  

This definitely qualifies as one of the classic poorly constructed and executed illusions perpetuated on an unsuspecting audience as they are thrust into the narrow corridors of the wobbly funhouse with its "mirrors" coated with dulled aluminum foil-like material ... warped at the edges but possessing enough "shiny" to still do the trick.  And as happens with the slanted floors there is always someone pushing at your back to hurry the hell up, what's ahead doesn't matter to them ... they are behind You.  Whatever is there will get You first.  They have nothing to worry about ... 

But I digress, I waited to see if anything was offered on the Kagan confirmation vote, but either I missed it or it was mysteriously absent ... WAIT!! ... It was overshadowed by the damage control and blame game that continued through the afternoon hours.  

I was amazed.  The entire fiasco was embarrassing.  This was our Government, our Media ... all those who essentially influence and deliver the News of the Day ... and they were so busy slinging, dodging, and bobbing-n-weaving that no one could offer anything of any substance. Well, the day was accentuated by the passage of the Financial Reform Bill, but that is another Bag-O-Change.  

Just as I ramble on with this post, so has the entire immigration discussion/production meandered about the various states, cities, and neighborhoods ... all the while numerous signs, postings, and shiny objects have appeared all along the fabricated path serving only to accelerate the push at our backs that reduces those who choose to play to adopt a basic instinctual reaction to the "threat" at hand.  ANYTHING anyone says at this point is construed, twisted, bent, painted, and smeared until it appears to possess Racist or Anti-Semitic qualities.  

Don't believe me?  Go ask Mel.  Glenn.  Shirley.

The immigration bill serves as nothing more than a springboard on which the real debate is now teasingly jumping up and down.  And with each bounce, the power gains strength and thrust. When the Debate finally hits the clouded waters of public discussion, consideration, and response it'll pack a punch dwarfing the back-and-forth we witness by the Spin Doctors and Pundits.  

I have said it numerous times, and I will say it again for those who didn't hear me the first time. Allegiances are narrowing at lightning speed.  And I am not talking about RACE!!! 

People need to start thinking Independently.  Not waiting to be spoon fed.  The stench from the foul-smelling dribble falling from the chin of the collective public is enough to gag a maggot right about now and it is thoroughly disheartening.  

I have faith that humanity ... we as a society ... is better than how it is being portrayed in the images we see daily on the Tube.  Just waiting to be proven right.  

Saturday, July 10, 2010


During a recent trip to the UK, the wife, son and I took a day trip to Sterling Scotland, from Edinburgh to see Sterling castle.
While waiting for a bus to said castle at the bus depot across from the train station, we meandered around...sat...stood, people-watched and waited.
At one point in our long wait for the bus that never came, I began noticing a woman going from person to person chatting, then leaving quickly to go to another. I watched her with great interest.

She was a slim, blond woman in a shabby but clean house dress and carrying a plastic bag full of purchases she had made. What caught my eye was how no one would talk to her for long, and how she would just wander up to the next person and appear to engage them in conversation.

As the crowd changed with the arriving and departing buses, this woman would wander unobtrusively around the station with a welcoming smile on her face for all to see. And shun.

From where I observed her, it appeared as though she was "one of those" people that cross all our paths at one time or another. Those with lower mental capabilities than ourselves. One which most would prefer not to be bothered with. I understand that feeling. Talking to people like that, even for a moment, can be much like walking into quicksand...there is a possibility of no way out.

But I had some time. And she was so magnetic to me in her reserved exuberance, even from a distance. I sat down next to her on one of the benches as she had just exhausted any possible conversations from the last batch of passengers.

As I have said, until now I had only observed her from afar, but when she turned to me to start a conversation, as I knew she would, I looked into her eyes.

Her whole life was there.

Yes, she was what would be considered to be mentally "dull". She had a speech impediment(one that was seemingly caused by bad hearing, as she watched people's mouths intently as she listened), and unkempt hair....but, those eyes.

Their beauty and innocence were matched only by her obvious love of life.
As we began chatting...well, I say "chatting" as if it was an easy conversation, but it was more like a translator's nightmare. Between her speech problems, a highland "Glasgow" accent, my American accent and our worlds-apart lives, it was a bit of a struggle to communicate at all. But we both wanted to, and we did.
She was immediately filled with questions. "Where are you from?", "are you on holiday?", "is that your wife and son?", "how old is he?"
Our conversation went on for the better part of a half-hour.
I learned that her name was Mary...a name she didn't like. She lived with her sister and had never been out of Glasgow before this, her trip to Sterling. She was 36 years old. No, she hadn't seen the castle, she had done some shopping...and it went on.

She had a child's curiosity, but as we talked, I didn't mind answering her questions, if I could just continue to look into those eyes. It seemed her whole world and all she had endured, was there. Of course she had a difficult time in life...that was obvious. But her spirit was not dampened. And she was out today on her own...and not bothering anyone(it was obvious that someone, perhaps her sister, had told her not to press people too hard to talk to her...and she tried not to).

As I was engaged in our little talk, my son called to me and said they had decided to take a cab, so I turned to say goodbye to Mary and she had vanished into the crowd. When we were walking by the last bus, I noticed her getting on it. I waved to her as she climbed into her bus back home, but she didn't notice.

I hope she got home alright. By herself.

Of all the memories that I brought home from our vacation, Mary sticks in my mind. I can't stop seeing her laughing eyes and how they could affirm all that is human and good.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LaLaLa ... Connect the Dots ....

Let's play a game. How about Connect the Dots ....

Why not?  The entire Immigration Production has spiraled beyond control and grown venomous tentacles that are reaching well beyond the established confines of normal societal thinking.  As we all know, as a rule, the general public does not consider, let alone dwell on, those things that do not affect them directly.  And this isn't necessary a fault, just a matter fact.  It's is the way we are raised.  It take repeated exposure to spark a glimmer of recognition ...

Aside from our conditioning to spend, spend, spend on things we don't need with money we don't have and have no way of paying back ... we are conditioned to focus sharply on our immediate environment and consider that which occurs outside our circles of familiarity to be alien and uncomfortable ... an occasional minor distraction that presents in a characteristic haziness similar to that experienced by one who has consumed one too many Bloody Maries.  That being said ... the subplots developing in the foreground are beyond reprehensible and irresponsible ... they are downright evil and nauseating.

No one took much notice of the Black Panther "incident" outside the polling station in PA on election day '08.  Everyone was too mesmerized by the fanfair, antici-pation and anxiety on the results that would start pouring in with the first closures of the polls later that evening.  Eyes were glued to the MSM stations for their state-of-the-art holographic interviews and multi-faceted analyses proctored by Talking Heads and Spin Doctors of all allegiances immersed in a "thorough discussion" of the technicalities and societal value of voter behaviors and predictions for the election's outcome.  All attention was on the glitz and fanfare.  We didn't need any Downer, like alleged voter intimidation to rain on our themed parade of Hope and Change.  By god, we had survived eight years of being repeatedly beat about the head and shoulders with a blunt instrument affectionately known as W.  Was so terrific, in the waning hours of his presidency, he inspired the production of theatrical productions, documentaries, and fine works of fiction ... all dedicated to eight glorious years of speaking in fragmented sentences, fumbling logic, goofy laughter (inappropriate at times), nearly complete incompetence ... and did I mention the flinging of footwear?  And those are the highlights, flashbacks that immediately come to mind.

Alas, in the wake of such trauma and manic response to the possibility of having a leader who would address the country in complete sentences without squinting as though he were looking directly at the sun ... we were in no mood to even contemplate that subplots were being positioned in obvious, yet entirely ignored, locations.  And, now, nearly two years later, that lost footage has returned rabid ... carrying a messenger bag full of lawsuits, DOJ resignations, and investigative questions that are superficial at best ... and the foaming jaws are ready to take a chunk out of our ass whether we have been immunized or not.  Anyone noticed?  Anyone see this coming??? Nope.  Pardon our complacent welcoming ... we are mildly distracted yet.

Get 'em when they are down.   The Kagan confirmation hearings went off without a hitch ... I vaguely caught some laughter about Christmas and Jews eating Chinese, but the rest is a blur. The immigration law will be up for review here shortly and the poker-playing-powerhouse will be ready.  Would you like that Kung Pao to go?? 

In the mean time, the paint of the backdrop has finally dried and NRA supporters are flying their flags high and proud.  Violence on the border is escalating, I would have to say allegedly, haven't witnessed it first hand, but to take what the MSM is reporting it is turning into a war zone.  And this week, I heard that the pres is finally making a trip down there to see for himself the plight of the Arizonians who are still a bit peeved over the signs the government had made for them to further publicize, er, warn of the violence and tension that permeates the suffocating air warmed by the desert sun ... And where is the attention of the American public ... The testimony of a former DOJ lawyer who resigned discouraged over the dismissal of the case which he successfully brought and prosecuted over the voter intimidation perpetrated by Black Panther members outside a polling station in PA on that overcast day back in November of 2008.  

As I have said before, and I will say it again, if you haven't found a cause to get riled over .... wait. The divisiveness of the subplots being played out before us on the tube each evening are escalating on the "sensational meter" .... And again I say, allegiances are narrowing ...  Watch closely ... When the strings are pulled just right anyone will dance ...

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've never really been much on logic puzzles.  Though I am fascinated how some people reach the conclusions they do sometimes.

To break up my long hours before the computer screen, typing till my fingers are numb, I have left the MSM news channels on in the background for noise the past few days.  Occasionally switching around, give them all a fair shake to state their cases.  It is interesting to note who runs what as the top stories and which are shoved to the in-between-bites.  And then those stories that don't even make mention ....

Anyway, the Kagan hearings have obviously dominated much of the commentary.  Course, today she is sharing a split screen with Petraeous.  Anywho ... both sides (meaning the Rs and Ds) are debating qualifications ... and amongst all the chatter there has only been one Spin Doctor to pick up on, what I would consider to be, an important point no one else has considered.  Kagan's confirmation will coincide with the hearing on Arizona's Immigration Law.  Perfect timing, huh? It's almost as though it were meant to be ... And all this falls against the backdrop of the gun ruling handed down by the High Court yesterday before its recess.  Anyone else connecting the dots?  Or, more appropriately, is anyone else even Seeing the dots???

I sit idle watching the script play out on the screen before me.  The Spin Doc's observation has caught my attention ... Someone else thinking outside the Prefab Box.  All the Kings Men (and Women) lined obediently side by side to ask those burning questions that must be asked ... it is convention ... And in the end, it doesn't matter.  The court is being shaped to suit the needs of the moment.  That is the problem I personally have with lifetime appointments.  The "unconventional-conventional" marriage of Timeliness and Context.  But that is a fuzzy, wavy avenue of thought ... and irrelevant really ... b/c it is all an Illusion.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Star is Born ... Another Burns Out ...

Rumblings and mumblings;  
Nebraska chooses its side. 
Supporters chant,
Those in opposition continue to rant.

Failed attempt at some lyrical writing.  Point being that things move quickly.  Since last post, the silence has shuttered with mumblings writhing to the surface.  Everyone knows that the discontent hasn't dissipated, it has merely been napping for a little while ... will soon awaken hungry for more attention.  And instead of any constructive conversation between opposing sides there will be more of the same ... heated discussions, walks, protests, loud conversations, all those things that make the unwavering nervous ... The undertones of violence held comfortably amidst the words spoken by members of the Grand Ol Party are completely unnecessary. Someone should have their mouth washed out with soap ... or courses in the way to properly engage the public ... meaning, reconnecting the switch leading from mind to mouth; might work wonders to plug the perpetual slippage that keeps occurring ... gushing poison ... words of violence and division ... Ooops, didn't mean to say that. Annie grab your gun!  Ooops, didn't mean to say that either.  Hate it when that happens.  

Neither here nor there really.  Important to keep one's eye on the ball that is in front.  Not to look back, wastes time, and precious tax-payer monies.  Can't be wasteful.  Gotta give them what they want.  Reinforce stereotypes, misconceptions, delusions, misinformation, and keep them ignorant.  Just remember, ignorance can be fixed.  

Those who came before are watching things play out now and are shaking their heads in shame. When trying to make a difference, it should be done in a capacity that is respectful and not a mockery or satirical adaptation of history.  Though it repeats when given time, history is a teacher, if we would only pay attention.  In the times we are now facing, this should be one thing we can all afford.  

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scene Change

The loud protests associated with the immigration production have fallen eerily silent. In the wake of the DOJ's announcement that a formal lawsuit will be filed to challenge the fledgling law it seems like people are seeking shelter from the coming storm.  And have you noticed the other states who have said they would jump on the Bandwagon have likewise fallen mute?  Only the truly dedicated are still waving their signs and chanting their mantras ... they don't have an election to fret over ... maybe this time one person's vote will be worth 10???!!! And then you have certain Rs who are stoking the fires of irritation and discontent with inflamed rhetoric and encouragement ... I'll give you a clue, Second Amendment??? Promptly followed by an "Ooops, didn't mean that,".... Individuals who speak such words KNOW that the general public doesn't always listen to EVERY word, but latches on to those that hold the most meaning for them ... IE: 2nd Amendment ... gun rights ... etc .... Quite frightening really.  

Before this is over it will reach the Supreme Court.  And the pieces are already starting to fall into place.  The key players are weighing their words and measuring their responses meticulously.  It is amazing to witness, really.  Trying to balance one's agenda, potential campaign strategy for the Nov '10 elections, and conscience all at the same time must be immensely stressful.  An none are the wiser.  A majority of the public isn't paying attention.  The common scenes associated with the immigration banner have fallen dark ... replaced by oil covered animals and flashy CEOs gracing the crystal clear FOREIGN waters on their fancy-dancy yachts (oops!).  Another PR nightmare in the making, and then, behold, Hayward steps down.  Didn't see that coming ... no wonder he was so mechanical during his testimony, he no longer cared.  Guess it is kind of like knowing you only have a couple more days before vacation and you slack off ... because you can.  Doesn't make it right.  It just happens.  

Anyway, keep an eye out for the future incarnations of the immigration debate cause it is long from over.  In recent days we have been informed that there are a little over a dozen Afhgan soldiers unaccounted for ... but don't panic ... they've been AWOL for more than two years now.   Just thought you should know, in case you see 'em.  Again, just an effort to slide a lil more fuel into the fires ... gotta let it sink in before it starts to burn.  People see it, hear it, but fail to process it until later.  Not sure why.  Guess it has something to do with being distracted by all the other more shiny stories filling the boob-tube.  

I am sure that once the whole debate reaches fighting words to be sparred before the High Court, we will finally see the 5'6" (or is she 5'7"?) beer-guzzling-poker-playing-powerhouse in action.  Yay!  It is about time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Critic's Notes

The immigration scenery is constantly shifting into ever-winding, intricate spirals of apprehension, ignorance, and exploitation.  I have struggled deeply with the thought of continuing this "theory of examination".  Without even trying, I think that further exploration will take us down a road that I personally don't feel like traversing right now.  I am completely amazed at the fleeting attention this area of our social psyche receives ... only when it suits the objectives of those who serve to profit in some sort of fashion, monetary or otherwise. Focus zooms in on all that is wrong with humanity.  Conflict, violence, and sex ... high ticket items for a society starved for meaning.

I was (and still am) appalled at the racist feeding frenzy that occurred with the news that individuals of "other than Mexican heritage" were winding their way across the border.  Fueling the fires of anti-latino-ism wasn't enough ... now other cultures are being drawn into the mix.  As if they hadn't been before ... When the term "melting pot" was coined, I doubt this was what they had in mind. Meaning the ignorant, fearful base on which superficial acceptance is waved like a welcome flag ... until the dust gets kicked up and crap flies discriminately through the air.  I've said it time and again, PEOPLE FEAR THAT (OR THOSE WHOM) THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND.  It takes too much time to make rational, knowlege-based decisions.  Knee-jerk reactions are in style ... Think long, think wrong .... especially if you wish to be included in the masses, where it is "safe".  But I digress.

(And now there are those jumping up and down, having a tantrum over the Language the president uses such as "Violent Extremism" ... WHY??? ... Persecute a Faith??? If they feel that strongly about it, then the terminology would have to be referred to with an acronym ... too many religious adjectives would be needed to modify Extremism ... that is, if you would list them individually ... No? ... well, either way, I know of one faith that would definitely rival or exceed that which is currently the focus of public fear, anger, scrutiny, and general feelings of discontent ... to put it mildly ... And, yet again, I digress ... Let's continue ....)

In light of the appalling trade of human smuggling, several individuals were placed in harm's way and a young man lost his life ... the only sense the MSM could make of the situation was further pitting one group against another ... instead of trying to understand the actions behind the Monster.  

It would seem that not enough people are paying attention to the Immigration Production ... or interest has waned ... momentarily.  OR the MSM has been depriving its info-hungry public with much needed nourishment.   Whatever the case, the above instance, I think was thrust upon the public in a timely fashion as a way to rekindle interest, action, protest ... some kind of response.  And it succeeded ... especially gaining international attention.  It isn't enough to further exploit all that is wrong with society ... but when all else fails ... and people no longer seem to care ... or become bored with the idea ... call on the children, elderly, disabled, and animals to further one's calls and increase the volume of a lone cry.  It works every time. 

Those who do no live near the border and have not voiced opinion in opposition to or in support of the immigration law were merely those towards whom this latest incarnation was directed.  If you don't hold any immediate ties to the situation, surely you are still fearful and harbor ill feelings towards those who are different .... those who may be responsible for all the havoc being wreaked on our Peaceloving Society ... then again, maybe not.  But if so ...

Allegiances are narrowing ... stifling any opportunity for growth or change.  At risk of sounding redundant, take inventory of your convictions ... I truly believe Darwin was onto something ... 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Immigration Production: Act 1 Scene 1: Attitude is EVERYTHING

There are SO many lines being etched in the sterile circumstances, constructed scenes, and rehearsed rhetoric anymore that one may feel as though he is being morally drawn and quartered by merely maintaining beliefs he's held his entire adult life.  And the immigration debate is thoroughly upholding its end of the divisive bargain.

As the tides wash over society's bigotry and self-indulgence, individuals are being increasingly pressured to adopt an all or nothing attitude that is continually working hard to narrow allegiances.  

Just as israel demands, you must be completely supportive (from worship, to partnership/accomplice) or completely against their actions/existence/rhetoric.  Immigration is slowly dividing americans into those who are (as the 'ol Beckster likes to say) capitalistic, law abiding, "racist" and those who are socialistic/Marxist/communistic/dirt-worshipping-tree-huggers. Inflammatory language isn't necessarily a bad thing, when used properly ... just like civil liberties ... religious tradition ... a waffle iron ... fireworks.  BUT when it is being used for the purposes of stoking fires, fueling division, and, ultimately, societal destruction ... then it is not so great ... the words PURE EVIL come to mind.

Rumors spreading that RACISTS are behind the penning of 1070 ... numerous states jumping onto the bandwagon with complete disregard for the implications their half-cocked statements (made during the height of the orgasmic ecstasy experienced while smothered in the midst of those of like-mind .... the feeling is much different when you are standing ALONE and completely WRONG ... but that is another issue) incite.  There isn't anyone thinking RATIONALLY.  Or, if there are, they are hidden ... or in hiding ... or are being painted as a terrorist ... or discredited in some other creative fashion.

Stevens teased the MSM by announcing that he was contemplating retiring ... essentially, he was considering leaving the bench.  Enter the President's second opportunity to shape the SC ... (I'm STILL waiting for any suggestion of a more rounded representation) ... the entire Right went nuts with speculation, the Left completely consumed with anticipation.  Then, Silence.  Soon as the waves faded the announcement is made.  Did anyone catch that the initial statement was merely a test of the waters??? Then the debut of Kagan.  Aw, hell, here we go.

The most any organization and late-nite comedy was able to supply was a light-hearted account of height discrepancy, a second-hand account of her propensity to smoke, gamble, and drink beer.  Oh, and she's a firecracker.  Nothing of substance.  Nothing for an intellectual public to sink their teeth into, unless they exhibited a hint of ambition and proceeded to dig on their own.  Other than that, it was very similar to Campaign season ... only without the slinging of mud and insults .... more like the calm, glazed complacency exhibited by a majority of voters who do what their televisions (and Crispies) tell them to.  So ... to perk things up ... let's address a "problem" that has plagued the southwestern portion of this nation for generations ... and let's make it a helluva show. Something that could pale the beloved Cowboys vs Indians approach ... OOOH, I know!!! ... Let's pass legislation that will ignite complete divisive chaos. Hell yeah.  Meet Immigration Bill 1070 ... let the political games, hate-filled speech, and general discontent begin.

As a whole people DO NOT care about politics, the environment, OR their fellow man .... UNLESS  it affects them directly ... meaning NEGATIVELY impacts their MONEY, ASSETS, POSSESSIONS, CHILDREN, FAMILY, OR JOB. Or if there is something to gain ... and it is a SURE Thing. If none of the above is apt to alter their life in ANY way, people can do as they will. And if someone doesn't like it ... hell, this nation is big enough ... MOVE!!! 

And that is what they have done for what seems like forever.  Course there are anomalies ... instances of individuals banding together in legitimate protest for the common good.  But those instances are few and far between ... at least the MSM would lead you to believe as such.  Only publicized or discussed when it suits the needs of those in greater number, or power.

Those who are running this show KNOW all of this.  And it is being used to their advantage. There is money to be made in the discomfort, disbelief, and dishonesty that thrives in a time of crisis.  And immigration is no different.  

Coverage plays on human emotion.  Issues of human smuggling, abuse, neglect, and any other abominable form of indecency one could think of are thrust before our disbelieving eyes each and every day the subject makes its appearance on the 24/7 MSM news cycle.  And the Swine who come up with such filthy means of profiting continue to do so with the least bit of interference from those who claim to care.  Again, those behind the curtain KNOW THIS.  

The threat to individual security and national identity also serve to further stoke the fires of discontent and fear.  AGAIN, PEOPLE FEAR THAT (AND THOSE WHOM) WHICH THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Much of the american population has lived in a bubble of sorts.  Exposure to other cultures, their way of life, their loves, hates, fears, and joy are completely alien to small-town-tom who has run the feed store down at the corner for the past thirty years.  And you know what?  He doesn't give a crap b/c it HAS NO IMPACT on his immediate happiness or routine.  What does he care what goes on half a world away when he firmly believes there is nothing he can personally do about it ... besides, its not affecting him ... yet.  But it will.  AGAIN, they know this.

If the individual is unable to be threatened by small-town hypocrisy, then maybe the judgment of the immediate masses is enough to change their mind.  Start small ... in the small towns, districts ... then fuel with larger cities, then states, etc ... People are in their comfort zones ... those whom they surround themselves with pose no threat ... they all grew up together ... or they're related.  There is no necessity to learn of those who are different ... "Yeah, we may share this great country, but they are six states away.  We won't ever see one another.   Besides, it doesn't affect me."  But it will.  People are migratory creatures who seek out those areas that best suit their needs and ensure survival.  We are all going to mix eventually.  And, AGAIN, they know this.

How do they play on YOUR emotion?  What does it take to get YOUR attention ... and KEEP it??

The orchestration of this immense production is one that has taken YEARS to mature.  And it is still finding its voice.  Unfortunately, the irrational, knee-jerk reactions of the common man are serving to sufficiently fuel the anticipated success of numerous sub-plots that are forming in the background.  The complicated nature of the staging and scenery is enough to make Shakespeare roll over ... and not b/c of the costumes or lack of superficial organization.  

[Momentary intermission: Act 1: Scene 2-3 to begin 06.16.10]

Thursday, June 3, 2010



[Act I  will debut 06.04.10 ]


Friday, May 28, 2010

Immigration: A Production in Three Acts _ [Prelude]

Utter the word immigration right now and, depending on your locale, the reaction is most likely one of extreme emotion .... to the right or left.  There is no center within this debate.  Even the tone of one's voice when uttering the previously benign word is enough to adversely shift the tide.  

But many fail to realize, or admit, that the debate surrounding this subject is not where our attention should be focused.  There is too much at stake to jump aboard any bandwagon with reckless abandon.  But our people are people of action ... must have immediate gratification ... must Stand for Something: Don't really care what it is ... substance is irrelevant.  But Standing with Conviction in the midst of one's peers sends a strong message.  Alas, the wrong one.

When Arizona's 1070 was adopted, signed, made official, whatever one might say ... I don't believe that its crafting was malicious.  The shock waves it created no doubt caused a stir.  That part was intentional.  And the way it is currently playing out makes for enthralling TV, does it not??? What will happen next ... This AIN'T (yep, I said AIN'T) no American Idol people.

The people have become too complacent.  Their lives too mundane.  Nothing gets done.  There is no action taken in the face of all things questionable or morally wrong.  That is ... unless it is on one's door step, or directly impacts one's pursuit for material and spiritual happiness.  Thus, enter Immigration Fight stage right.  

Penned with superficial (I would guess) good intention, a forward step in the name of national security, blah, blah, blah ... this law merely touches on that which (if it was really of ANY importance at all, should have been done YEARS ago) makes people feel uncomfortable.  This country has been plagued by lawlessness, including illegal immigration, for how many years now???? And JUST NOW, as things are relatively calm, we have to give the people something to jump up and down about?  Wait, that's right, things haven't been calm w/healthcare, Supreme Court nominee hullabaloo, the latest episode of Man Destroying the Earth (commonly known as the Gulf Oil Spill), blah, blah, blah.  it is just people are aligning themselves and protesting areas of personal interest ... For example, Capitalists vs (whoever the Beckster suggests), Right vs Left (that one NEVER gets old), Progressive vs Conservative, Dirt-Worshipping-Tree-Huggers vs "Single Serve and Lovin' It" Immediate Gratification Junkies, blah, blah, blah ... you get the idea.

It is all part of the plan.  Feeling left out? Do things not seem to be as exciting as they once were? Are you looking for meaning in your life?  Wait for it.  If it hasn't been created yet, there will be a crisis tailored to fit your needs.  

Take healthcare.  Not into staying healthy, don't really care about massive debt or debating whether healthcare is a privilege or a right??? Fine.  Next ....

What about obsessing over the moral avenue this country is traveling courtesy of those who sit in judgment??? IE: the Supreme Court.  

I am all for these people.  They have it rough.  Really.  Yeah, they have job security, but look at all the bullshit they probably have to put up with too??? Besides, I am still awaiting a bit of balance within the high court ... spiritually.  

There are Catholics, Jews, nearly all the major religious organizations are present.  But, I don't believe perfect balance may be achieved and a true representation accomplished until ALL faiths (or lack thereof) are represented.  IE: Agnostic, Atheist, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, maybe even a Jehovah's Witness.  Just a lil balance is all I am seeking.  I wouldn't even care if the individual was religiously bi-curious.  Hadn't quite made up his or her mind as to which direction he or she felt spiritually compelled to follow. Both seem to fit ... but still feeing a bit torn as to which is better.  To me, it shouldn't matter if someone of A Different faith were to be appointed ... religion and personal faith have NO place in government, especially the court.  But that is another matter.   Alas, I have digressed.  Shall we continue this conversation at a later time?? Yes, we shall.  Until then, back to the matter at hand.   The "I" word .... 

So, where was I??? Oh, yes.  If there is nothing in the news to currently grab your attention, I know it may be difficult, but wait patiently.  The crises are not finished developing just yet.  

If healthcare, immigration, nor the role of religion and law don't suit your fancy there is always financial instability, world dominion ... er, sorry, governance, education, civil rights, international diplomacy, world war, and ... just for a switch ... privacy issues.  But, again, our discussion for the moment resides in Immigration.

People are easily swayed and the powers that be understand this.  Now, I am in no position to point fingers and say "It's THEIR fault," or "He is responsible," or "If she hadn't done this or that ...." besides, such trivial discussions are bullshit.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is the reaction and will of the people.

Only until recently has multiculturalism become a popular term in everyday conversation.  Well, maybe not so much popular as frequently used due to lack of a more appropriate ... PC ... term.  Either way, the discussion has weaved its way into the American fabric and is secure.  The people, on the other hand, not so much.  What is the first thing people do when they feel threatened???? Other than panic.  Act first, then think.  It is in their nature.  What is going on now??? There isn't too much THINKING going on.

When asked if they had read the bill, several high ranking individuals said "no," "I skimmed it," or "not yet," or something to the effect that essentially they were reacting in ignorance.  Wow. And these are the people running the show?  Are you at all uneasy about that?  Does it bother you ? 

Now multiply the relatively low number of those who will admit publicly that they have no clue what the bill states ... times ten-thousand.  That is a conservative estimate of the number of individuals out there who react on a daily basis out of PURE stupidity, not ignorance, but stupidity and no inclination whatsoever to remedy the situation.  It is more convenient to follow the actions of the masses, oblivious to the implications that said actions may present, and to think about things only after the dust has settled.

[I firmly believe that in the name of the actions described in the previous paragraph daytime Talk Shows should carry some sort of disclaimer to prevent the spread of such {fill in creative adjective here}.]

It is a Production.  People fear that which they don't understand and lash out when they feel they are being threatened.  Now, I am by NO MEANS condoning or excusing the violence and unrest that is going on in the areas allegedly affected (I say alleged b/c I am not there, I have not witnessed it and therefore have no FIRST HAND knowledge of the goings on ... unlike many of our Leaders, I feel immensely uncomfortable making bold statements without any knowledge or background).  

People need to start asking the Right Questions .... (To be continued ...)  

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ok..Ok...I Get It...

It's taken me some time. I admit it. Probably set some kind of record over there, up there, somewhere...where ever. It's so real though. I guess that's kind of a silly statement, considering it's the "real" I get. I DO have a vivid imagination gotta admit.

From that night next to the train track, to sitting alone on my mother's that guy that just appeared on the sidewalk, walking his nightly walk singing to himself while his ipod droned almost imperceptibly through the ear-buds. It's all a bit melodramatic, don't you think? A bit too much? The hints are dropping faster now. I have made the connections.

I am not ready yet though. Gotta see how this plays out. You know, like that movie you didn't think was really holding your interest until you had to see the climax and you robotically stay to see who done it. It's not really important...just loose ends need tying.
This is for you. The guy that hooked me up to this a game. I probably asked for it. Maybe even paid to have this real experience. I guess you maybe took my request or my currency, or maybe I stood in line for the experience over there.

But the game is almost up. Even if the biology conks out beforehand, the illusion wore too thin before I figured it out and kinda remember how I got here. Shame really. It was an unusual experience...I think. Compared to what, I don't remember entirely, but you have a hell of a product on your hands.
Sorry to see it coming to and end. Depending on my fully restored memory of what I really am...I might want to play again, if that's allowed or I can afford it. The program needs some tweaking, but all in all, if you kinda close your eyes to some of the things that don't really add could almost totally believe this immersion to the end.

Are all these other entities part of the game...or do they change to fit the player or are they other players? I have quite a few questions like these but I guess they can wait. Right now, it's a stormy-looking night in the game and although my game-body kinda aches, I think I'll go outside and wait for the storm.

Monday, April 26, 2010

Life Plus...

Although I hate to be the one to spoil your illusions...

And I hate to be that guy that pulls the chair out from under you as you are sitting down...

With every counterpoint, you prove my case.
Again, let's address them one-by-one:

Cheating death. Why
delay the inevitable? Wasn't it you, or someone that signs your name, that championed the benefits of life, and old age? What would be the need of say...ten or twenty more plays or sonnets from Shakespeare? Or another Dostoevsky or Thomas Hardy novel, another Mozart concerto, or one more album from Billie Holiday, or Janis Joplin? And what if these gifts to humanity could be accomplished while the artists were in their prime...not afflicted by old age suffering?
The benefits are clear.

You miss one key point in my argument. Perhaps that is my fault for not making it more emphatically. When this movement be
yond biology comes to fruition...we will ALL be the beneficiaries. You construct this post-human experience in a landscape of today, in which granted, we are little more than savages being "farmed" by which ever powers-that-be of the moment. However, stretch your imagination to include the world in which such a technological breakthrough will be welcomed. As these advancements in extra-biology slowly emerge, we will see a more and more sane approach to our new longevity.

The problems of the world are mainly(if not entirely) BECAUSE of our physical differences and requirements...not in spite of them. When it beco
mes an obvious choice to become a "transhuman" the major problems of the human world that we experience today will dissolve. Because our struggle in these bodies can be boiled down to who can acquire the most "creature comforts"... luxury not needed in our post human condition. It will take time for even these neo-humans to grasp this fact...but grasp it they will. Many concepts will fall away from our biological times. Of course there will be protests. Much of them founded in the same fears as yours. But I truly believe that since these changes of which I speak will be gradual, the acceptance will come. Whom do you know that would not gladly undergo the inplantation of an artificial heart-valve tomorrow, that would give them an extra 20 plus years on this planet? And yet this is cybernetics in it's infancy, when you look at it square-on. Transhumanism is just this.

You can't have it both ways, Persephone. Either you laud the human-ness of our existence as it is with all it's
pain and suffering, no matter what...fearing death as you are told...clinging to this pain that you seem to require for your very identity. Or you view life as I stated originally, way, way down this page, in "Death". This being an experience from which you learn what you can in the time you can bear, disregarding longevity, then welcoming the "spiritual" next step, whatever it is.

Since I presume that you are somewhere in the middle, never having given the concept of transhumanism much thought, I must also assume that if you embrace the human experience, then why would you NOT embrace not only more of it, but more of it without the mental and physical pain which accompanies it as it is now? I am offering the concept of life-plus, and you are clinging to your fears and your suffering.

You speak of oral history. A point well-taken, however you are of a rare breed if you understand the value of learning from the lives of our elders. That, is unfortunately passe. Your points abo
ut the study of history are also well spoken. However I am sure that when the motives for changing the facts of recent history(again domination of human-over-fellow-human) are slowly removed, that practice will also end. These revolutionary changes of which I speak, will come about in spite of our sorry human condition. I am sure there will be a world-wide revolution long before anyone has the opportunity to push the button. This will NOT be the one on a final nuclear device, but the one that says "upload personality now".

No, You ... Mr. Smith

Wow!  Check you out ....

Struttin' around with that higher A.I-type mentality!  I bow to thy greatness ... I also play to thy Ego ... which, by the way, seems to be HUGE.

Other than that, terrific counter points.  However, there are a couple that I MUST address Now. 

Per your comment about "What do we have to lose?" --- From "Cheating Death": I am thankful to see that you freely admit that the luxury of mail-order parts and tune-ups wouldn't last forever.  At least I may take comfort in the notion that you aren't Completely delusional.  But it begs the question: WHY delay the obviously inevitable for That long??? 

As I mentioned before, life is entertaining, but damn man!  What would people have to lose by foregoing the notion of shuffling loose the mortal coil for a weeeee-bit longer?  How about the prospects of what lies behind the curtain?  Who knows??? Maybe on the other side of the Promotion lies a world of .... OOooh, let's see .... A world of beings who may put transhumans (is that even a word????) to shame!  OR maybe an existence that doesn't suck as bad as this unfair term of supposed incarceration does?  I dunno.  I don't mean to lash out, really I don't.  

I just don't understand such staunch resistance.  I understand for the sake of family, friends, all the earthly Attachments we possess, plus a longing to see an end to age-induced suffering and bitching, oh, and the elimination of suffering and disease (overall) ... the whole transhumanism idea might be appealing ... but if there ARE no earthly attachments (say, for instance, everyone you know and love have passed on), and everything sucks so bad that you dread getting up in the morning ... why delay the inevitable?  Why not embrace the transition and look toward the possibility of a second chance, a utopian afterlife, a next-go-around, or, hell, maybe even nothing at all .... Obviously, I don't know what resides on the other side ... or if the other side even exists. But I do think that for someone who seems to think that this existence causes so much discontent and suffering, why stick around that much longer?  Do you think that the story may have some unforeseen ending?  Waiting for Bob Seger to reunite with the Silver Bullet Band??? What?  

Sure the Science is out there.  The prospects are fabulously huge ... but then what???? It is our calling?????  You mentioned something about the next step with regard to where our consciousness and intellect "take us." Have you SEEN any news lately?  We can't even get along amongst ourselves due to petty differences ... how do you think people are going to react when Dear John down the street was able to afford the latest model of .... oh, I dunno ... chiseled abs (lame, but hear me out) ... and Jo Smo on the other block is looking with envy b/c his abs have started to sag and he cannot afford more abs or ab viagra or whatever is available to fix the problem?  Do you not think that may cause some sort of continued "petty, emotional, or psychological" conflict???? I just have a difficult time digesting the notion that when one's unconscious/memories/experiences/ blah/blah/blah is "uploaded" that she or he may forfeit the inconvenient emotional attachments to said "Data".  But, then, too .... maybe I am missing the point ... OR my human-ness centered survival/fear factor is kicking in. Yep, probably the latter of the two.  

Per your comment about the "wisdom and council of the aged":
To start, I was raised to Respect my elders (and I guess that would include you), and as a result I enjoy speaking with those who've been on this mortal plane much longer than myself.  There is a certain .... OOOOH, do I dare use the words??? Yes, I shall ... emotion that accompanies sitting with someone who experienced History and hearing them tell of their experiences.  For instance, my father was a young man during the Depression Era, my uncle served in Korea .... And, since their passing I feel a bit cheated.  Though what is contained in books, or other rather flat mechanisms utilized for the delivery of information, they do not come close to personal experiences and recollections.  Besides, Everyone knows that written history is like ... what, 75 - 80% BS, and that is a conservative estimate.  History is written by the winners ... and to add insult to injury, it is said that nearly, what? 100 or 150 years must pass before an even near-to-accurate account may be written?  Once all those with a vested interest are long cold in the ground???  I dunno it is some obscene amount of time.  

But, I digress .... I, dear Timster, am living in the 21st century, and yet I hold close my 20th c. or "old school" upbringing ... maybe you are familiar.  You know the one where children were raised by parents and not mechanical devices such as video games, computers, televisions, and all the other life-numbing, humanity robbing conveniences we all hold so near and dear ... And, yet I am transmitting these thoughts and arguments of mine on the one tool of my discontent ... Hypocritical, huh?  But it is true.  Again, though, I digress. Back in the day when families Talked in the car during roadtrips or outings ... and sometimes even sang or played car games together??  

I guess I am of a dying breed.  I care more for conversing and learning from those around me ... seeking out intellectual discussions, experiences, learning about people ... rather than sitting in front of a screen all day "surfing" for second-hand accounts and webbed stories comprised of fabrication ... er fiction ... bullshit ... and misdirection (Actually, aren't those the same thing in some circles???) written by equally misguided individuals whom I know I will probably never meet.  That, to me is more depressing than the mere thought of letting Mini Me flip the switch.

Sure I admit that my knee-jerk response may rest solely on my survival/fear mentality.  But I am damn proud of that mentality b/c that is what makes me Me, oh ... and Human ... biology proudly included.  Though I guess living in an age of transhumanism may prove to possess some interesting opportunities ... especially prior to warranty failure ... being able to boast that Yes, these, and this, and this, AND this ... are REAL.  Other than that, I don't think I would be able to derive much amusement from the notion of being surrounded by a bunch of Synthetic Beings.  Course, being able to poke fun if someone truly had a Meltdown ... or he or she had to go in for a DeFrag, literally ... or needed an Upgrade ... might offer some unique opportunities for some Serious (Satirical???) Social Commentary ... I dunno, I need to consider this whole notion of Mr. Smith type creatures running amok ... might be more fun that I am willing to admit.

ME Robot...

All I had to do was open the door....and you just strolled right in.

You came up with a well constructed and written, lucid and common-sense set of arguments against transhumanism. Just what I wanted. You have confirmed my belief that transhumanism is the ONLY solution to the human problem.

Because there is nothing common-sense about the arguments FOR this technology.
That of course, is what makes it outside the box thinking and why I align myself with it's principles.

Let's dissect your position point-by-point:

You begin with the observation that our society, politically strives to maintain the "human-ness" of it's population. I can't argue that. That is precisely why it is important to transcend it. A "human" populace is the highest order of animals that can be "farmed" by the upper echelon of itself. I do not wish to be farmed anymore. Perhaps I am among the few that feel this way...perhaps not. I do not w
ish to be governed by my own kind. I do not need it. Period.
Next you question why I would want to escape my biology. In my view, bio
logy is merely a tool to reach consciousness. By itself, biology is merely a kind of messy "thing" replete with an on-board set of survival instructions for the biological entity itself. Nothing more. So why wouldn't I want to escape/transcend it? It's like those people that always keep the packing box for their new computer, in case they don't like it or something. I say get the technology that we have "paid" for, then cut up and recycle the box it came in. We have evolved to the point that this packing case is no longer necessary...and it isn't important. The important thing is where our consciousness and intellect can take us, as a once-biological body.

Then you move on to all sorts of praise for emotion and psychology. Emotion is merely a defense mechanism. Psychology and it's hebrew-marketed "deeper meanings" is also a remnant of the survival instructions from ancient periods in our history, where
anger and jealousy and love and fear, kept our species alive and improving toward the next step in our evolution. All these phenomena are meaningless in the scope of what we must become. Although this comes off as a bit cold and calculating, think about it. When we can "feel great" about a love affair...or "proud" of the accomplishments of ourselves or our children...doesn't that also "FEEL GREAT" to our bodies? Don't you feel a "tingle" when something good happens to you? Don't you feel physically sick when you witness a tragedy or lose at "love"? That is the purpose.

To give us purpose to carry onward...upward. We will not need these emotions and they will become a thing of the past that were merely there to protect our soft physical bodies. Emotions are either a reaction to something physical going on in our soma, or something that is designed to help our bodies to continue to survive. As in "depression is just god's way of telling you to blow your brains out". We have always, in my humble opinion, ascribed entirely too much importance to these feelings. Abnormal
psychology is merely congenitally defective "wet-ware". Period. No further analysis required.

Also you query
where we would be without the wisdom and council of the aged. Huh? In exactly which century are YOU living? We have not revered nor relied on the wisdom of the aged since the days before Guttenburg. We don't have to. We can read. We have the wisdom of the ages at our fingertips(when we get by our "biological" master's censorship). The aged have become nothing but a portent to our own end, a source of grief for the loss of what our loved ones used to be, and an expensive pain in the ass to take care of.

As far as your observation that we are somehow connected to this rock from which we sprung...I guess. However my consciousness/intellect feels no more c
to it than the afore mentioned cardboard shipping carton. Of course they are both carbon-based, but that would only make sense chemically, and not to be cause for yet another "emotional" trauma. Our connection to this planet is merely transitory in the "blink-of-an-eye" that we humans have been so far in it's history. Again, I must stress here, that this process of transhumanism will be an agonizingly long period in our history. It has already begun. As we know the advances in biotechnology, nanotechnology and medical research into stem-cell harvesting has already produced encouraging results. And with these jumps and starts we will see more and more mechanization of the biology of humans....but it will take a LONG time to reach the full transitions that I am writing about.

As far as your examples of the physically handicapped...I offer exhibit A: Stephen Hawking. By his own admission, he is wholly more absorbed in his craft of mathematics BECA
USE of his physical limitations. Proof in point of my assertion that the mental capabilities of our beings are hampered by our biology. From senseless emotions to the distraction of physical pain, we are held back by our bodies. Perhaps at some point after our complete ascension, the mathematicians among us will be able to figure out why six times seven ISN'T really 42.

Which brings up your astute question of w
hat constitutes "human-ness"? In my estimation, we have yet to find out. However, we will. But only when we release ourselves from this physical imprisonment of biology. Will our individuality be uploaded with our memories? I don't know. But I tend to think it will...for what are we but our memories, which provide us with our ability to cope with the future?

Whoever "pushes the button" for our uploads is irrelevant. Your concepts of evil machinations concerning these next cosmic steps are again rooted in survival-fear. The whole of the human concepts of good and evil are nothing more than a morality that places "good" - life/survival affirming, above "evil"- survival hindering. You see it doesn't matter once we become machines. A physical mad scientist( I assume this is whom you are trembling over) can have no power over a transcended being. You cannot make a machine suffer in pain. You cannot exploit a co
mputer that has a will. Especially when the one that may wish to exploit, not only does not have fear to wield...they are still human in the biological form themselves and are inferior in every sense. But this is the stuff of science-fiction anyway. Those with enough vision to participate in such an experiment will understand and disregard the creature-comfort greed that drives humans now, and I am sure will have the most logical of motivations. If there should be any fears of the Evil Doctor, they should be directed at those that try to stop the transition, not further it.

You DO ask a question however that gives me pause. Are we "cheating" ourselves out of a spiritual death/transition that we have earned in this life. Of course, no one can say. But isn't it worth the try. What do we, as a species actually have to lose? We cannot, as I said before, continue as we have been...that it is clear.
And our technology, even at the time that we can even hope to make the leap of transhumanism, will not be flawless by any means. So if we "cheat" ourselves out of the possible rewards of death, I am sure, as anyone that has ever owned a Ford knows, the synthetic bodies and artificial brains that we will become, won't last forever anyway.

U Robot?

Kudos for your efforts! I do believe you went beyond the box.

[Though my response isn't exactly timely, I thought this subject worth the effort of a lil research over the course of a couple of days .... consideration ... to provide an informed response, if you will.  And a fascinating subject this is!  And my last couple of days, which I spent in the company of a very Unforgiving headache, made my thoughts on this subject all the more steadfast.  The following may be considered a knee-jerk reaction ... that's fine.  In a sense it is.  As with any controversial subject, it takes a bit of learning and consideration ... to come to a conclusion or educated opinion.  So ... consider this my first response ... as I am sure the next may growl with ferocity or, hell, it may purr with contentment, not sure yet.  But for now, here we go.]

First, leaving the biology of human-ness behind??? Are you kidding me?  Though the idea of "uploading" consciousness, memories, and everything else may be a great "storyline" for late nite SciFi, I don't see how we can even stretch that far at this point.  If anything, science seems to be exploring ways to Maintain our Human-ness as long as possible ... cures for disease, preventative care, blah, blah, blah.  Make it more tolerable, if not pleasant!-- A naive thought, I am sure you will judge, but a passionately felt thought all the same.

Prior to your entry, I was vaguely familiar with the subject of transhumanism.  And, yet, I find that I still consider it alien territory, no pun intended.  

Why so much focus on Escaping??? Why do you wish to run from that which Makes YOU human?  The lessons, physical experiences, etc ... Granted, yes, it may be unpleasant (I have yet to reach the peaks and vantage point of age that you proudly proclaim) to wake up to a new pain, discomfort, etc ....  But that is part of what makes our journey on this gigantic rock. Have you considered that maybe ... just maybe ... the entire Physical experience is just in addition to the emotional, psychological portions of this ride?  Or that the physical Completes the Emotional and Psychologcial?  That without one the rest are incomplete?  Consider our views of the impaired and handicapped? 

If it Weren't for our biology, how do you figure we would acquire our experiences, emotions, etc??  To be able to feel pain and then experience the body's ability to heal itself.  Why take away such a remarkable gift; to merely "Escape" the inconveniences our existence may inflict upon us once in a while?  Course, I am speaking from the other end of the spectrum where I am young enough to not find a reason to run away from the periodic inconveniences of my biological human-ness.  Maybe when I view my existence from your heights I may feel differently, but I would like to own that Choice.  Not have a mechanical, Man-Made replica thrust upon me when I hit a preconceived age where my supposed warranty runs out.  

What if we were meant to continue as we are? Take this how I mean it and not how it sounds, but what if medicine is what has gotten in the way?  Now, I do appreciate modern medicine. I DO.  And I am thankful for what it has done for myself, my family, my friends, and humanity. However, I think that when it comes to the idea of transhumanism, that is taking things a bit too far.  Doesn't the whole concept detract from the value of maturity, experiences and learning?  Even the physical aspect.  The "battle-scars", if you will.  Those of advanced age, maybe not so much in our culture but in others, are revered as those to whom people look for wisdom, advice.  And to many, their physical or "biological human-ness" serves to support/reinforce his or her societal stature.  Passing experiences onto others, fueling knowledge, research, and LIFE are all compromised when you let go of the earthly aspect.  Again, meaning, what are we made of???? Don't you think that connection to the earth is valuable at all?  

I don't mean to sound on the attack, but you have made your point clear that transhumanism is the "only escapable step" but why do you seek an escape from the experiences generations before have faced ... and most faced with dignity (despite their physcial maladies) I might add.  Yes, there are those who are less fortunate who become incapacitated for whatever reason, and I feel for those individuals, I do.  I have had family and friends who, due to unfortunate circumstances, were unaware of their surroundings, unable to care for themselves, etc ... But shouldn't one's sense of moral responsibility, humanity step in and take responsibility to care for such individuals?  Isn't a bit of a sneaky way out to push for a mechanical take-over of sorts to spare an individual pain that sometimes intrudes on life?

Consider it all a learning experience.  A moral test.  A testament to one's honor .... k, I am reaching here.  But still, I have a difficult time understanding how it is that if you "upload" someone's consciousness that she/he would still retain his or her human-ness?  Isn't that a contradiction?  Course, I would suppose it isn't, but essentially saying that consciousness makes human-ness and is perfectly complete without the biological?  Am I interpreting that correctly? Again, uncharted territory, alien subject matter,and my helmet is fogging up.

And, just to throw this out there, if Death is (obviously?) a portion of the escapist mentality that so adamantly supports transhumanism, what if that too is part of the process.  Then you cheat yourself out of that promotion (exit, vacation, trip) you have toiled on this earth for so long to earn? acquire? receive? (Fill in appropriate word here, I am at a loss)  Suffered all those aches and pains, discontent, disappointment, and sadness ... to be "mechanically-promoted", so that you may live on indefinitely and witness even more discontent, disappointment and sadness.  Granted, you don't have to worry about the aches and pains anymore, or even getting Old.  But you do get to be witness to the continued struggle of man trying to conquer man, man trying to conquer earth, and all the wondrous interludes that may transpire.  Sucky prospects, huh?  Personally, I don't adopt that mentality, but it was something I thought I should throw out there to see if I get any nibbles, b/c you know inevitably, the conversation will lead in that direction ... sometime.  

Let's say for a minute, you are onto something.  Something that would be fabulously popular and accepted unconditionally by the masses? Firstly, who says that the "Pilot" "Doc" "Oz" whomever is in charge of the "uploading" process wouldn't take liberties?  Yes, this is obviously a distrust of others, but seeing how humans behave, how they react when given certain powers, etc .... would you really trust someone else to be in charge of pushing THAT button?  This may be a lame, defensive argument, but you gotta admit that there are some out there that you may not want in the same room with your Import Bod 3000, let alone allowing him or her the privilege of making you YOU with a flip of the switch.