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Friday, March 26, 2010

Re: Jammin

You don't know about me, without you have read
a blog by the name of "How Dare I" That blog is made by Mr. Timster,
and he tells the truth, mainly. But that ain't no matter. There's things which he stretches, but mainly he tells the truth. That is nothing. I never seen anybody but lied one time or other.

Ok...ok...enough of the Tw
ain references.

But for another quote....I think it was Lao Tzu. Or maybe it was Miley Cyress...I forget. Anyway it goes on to say that life is like climbing a mountain. The higher you get, the older you get and the harder it is to climb, but the view gets asto

Something like that. get the point. So in my dotage I will point out a few vistas that I can see fr
om way up here.

One. Don't watch television. EVER. Period. It will give you a skewed vision of things and people and it will depress hell outta you because it all boils down to telling you that you suck if you don't buy everything it is selling, from soap to murder.

Two. Don't read newspapers. Or at least if you do, remember at all times that they TOO are trying to sell you something. Usually something you don't soap or murder.

Three. Get to know people of varied backgrounds and cultures. It expands the old gray-matter. You can learn a lot from the people that differ most from you. People with similar backgrounds to've done already. It helps to travel to their locale, rather than wait for different kinds of people to show up in your neighborhood too. And you get to experience them in their natural habitat.

Four. Make judgments. Don't be afraid to voice your conclusions, no matter how un-mainstream they are. Call bullshit when you see it. You arrived at these conclusions...they must have some validity. Don't pussy-foot around with political correctness. If people get offended...they'll either sue you or get over it.

Five. Never pass up any homemade pie. You'll regret it if you do.

Six. Try not to be afraid of anything. Face your fears. Fear is a the most constrictive thing in life. And it is also a method of selling you something....soap, vaccinations, murder...etc

Seven. NEVER trust a jew. Just a good rule of thumb.
{NOTE: See items 1,2,4 and 6}

Well, there you have it. Homespun advice for living in the 21st century. I doubt that most of you will see the 22ed, so this oughta do.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Jammin' to Jimi. 
Watching the HeadLies fly across the screen.

Anyway, watching the Where the Wild Things Are ... nah, can't really compare this BS to that Great kids' escape.  But all the same, is it just me, or are the Politicians morphing into smaller, childlike caricatures of themselves?  One cries foul, the other answers back by pulling the 'Baby's' pigtail and runs off across the Beltway screaming "Catch me if you can ... !"  And this is just a glimpse into the everyday workings of the wonderful elected.  Amazing isn't it?  Not really.  

As I have mentioned with Gaffe Master Flash's dropping of the F-Bomb, it IS all details, but they're FUN details.  And to me, this is no different.  Something amusing to watch.  Finally broke the sadistic addiction to tuning into Jerry ... gotta replace the fix with something of equal or lesser value.  

The veil is falling.  Actually, may be crumbling with age.  Leave it lying around too long and it'll decompose on its own, whether you want it to or not.  If you don't protect it, you asked for it.  Same here, I think.  As I have mentioned many a time before on my blog and on this one, I am not merely as well-versed as my fellow writer the Wondrous Timster.  That being said, even I can tell that something is horribly amiss. 

Are people just taking this Healthcare Fiasco and using it as a tool to act out like a child who doesn't get his way?  There is so much pouting, finger wagging, finger pointing, tall finger salutes, slurs, spatting, and just general horrible behavior hyped on speed run terribly amok.  WTF? And it isn't just here.  

It is EVERYWHERE.  Hell, look at our "relationship" with Isreal.  What the hell happened there?  [NOTE: this isn't an incendiary remark to prompt a response, but merely an honest question.]  Again, I ask, WTF?  Another divisive tool?  Or what? Something isn't right with the whole situation.  Eerily out of place, but that is a topic for a different discussion.  So to transition, I ask "Has the whole World lost is ever-lovin' mind?"  I really am starting to buy the idea that there are illicit substances in the drinking water, and a helluva dose was tossed in last Saturday night.  

A guy left a message on a Rep's (can't recall her name) voice mail ... well, it was more of a tirade.  Going off about how hateful and racist the Republican party is.  That if some (expletive deleted) had spat on him, he would have pulled out his automatic and shot the (expletive deleted).  Did it ever occur to this equally racist individual that MAYBE, just MAYBE the gentleman was spat on BECAUSE he was a REPRESENTATIVE?  A CONGRESSMAN? and it had NOTHING to do with him being black????? Probably not.  It is easier to cop out and play the race card.  It incites more emotion that way.  And as for the alleged Name Calling.  Has anyone noticed that NO RECORDINGS have surfaced?  Could it be that there were no slurs thrown?  OR could it be that They didn't get the recording finished in time?  I DON'T KNOW.  I am merely throwing ideas out there.  I refuse to subscribe to a single explanation as of yet.  I wasn't there, so I don't know what happened, and THEREFORE I refuse to take part in the childish banter of HE said SHE said ... Just merely making observations. Asking a few questions.  B/C after all, we ALL know that it is the bigger picture.  Trick is getting it into focus.

The point of all this being, things Appear to be falling apart at the seams.  Ignoring the subtlety of the details ... poke, poke, .... nudge, nudge .... I am merely trying to stand back and take an objective look at the state of our people here.  What has gotten into everyone?  There are no responsible adults anymore.  There  are a FEW individuals who still have the wherewithal to have an EDUCATED, CIVILIZED discussion of events.  And then you have ... well, turn on the news ... any STATESIDE news station. You'll see what I mean.

Is it meant for the people to self-destruct before they will realize that all the World REALLY IS a Stage?  And all the players are Currently failing miserably??  There is hope out there, just wondering what kind of a pre-game show is on the horizon.  

Well, Mr. Timster, you told me recently that knowledge comes with Age.  My naiveté is just part of it... I am learning.  So, I ask, is this grating of the nerves originating from watching such Rampant Stupidity and Dazed Individuals Acting Out as Children (whom mommy and daddy probably didn't hug enough) part of it too?  Sure it makes for great television, endless amusement ... but, more so, it stirs a deep emotion of sadness, pity, and disappointment.  And yet I still hold out Hope.  Lemme guess, another sign of getting Older?  You're the one with Tenure, Sir. And I mean that with Much Respect!  In defense of my naiveté,  let the record show that at least I don't spell Moron m-o-r-A-n.  There is hope. 

Friday, March 19, 2010

Mr. Zeiger and the Aliens Among Us

Wanted: Grand Larceny.

Mr. Lawrence Harvey Zeiger is wanted for theft of a chair belonging to an unnamed journalist. Zeiger is also known as Larry King, among other aliases. Alleged be the child of jewish holocaust survivors, Zeiger's long list of thefts include time wasted and public opinion manipulated, and he is named in a class-action suit by the American public. Apparently, several other authentic journalists have joined as plaintiffs in the civil suit to unmask Zeiger's fraudulent behaviour as a television personality and to unseat this criminal whom the suit claims rose to his current position due to jewish nepotism.
The suit also claims that through lobbing "softball" questions to repugnant guests and scandalous innuendo toward decent interviewees, that he has furthered the agenda of his hebrew handlers.

Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ghosties, Aliens, and Humans! Oh My!

Been watching a lot of the "ghosthunter" shows lately. [Yep, Jason and Grant included.  Love 'em... Can't help it ...]

I gotta believe there is some intelligent life somewhere out there, even if they are "dead"... would take my chances with the ghosties over humans any day.

Which makes me wonder, is there any hope really?  

But of course there is.  You just have to know where to look. "Pursue a Safe Road" ... and if it diverges in a yellow wood ...

... I'll will consider it.

Often pondered the notion that maybe ... possibly Larry King [he's a great interviewer, but he creeps me out] is really an alien visiting, waiting for the arrival of the Mother Ship so that he may report back and Boast 'I Survived'. Think about it, he interviews the Most Entitled, Sacred among us ... how often does he interview Bubba down at the Bait Shop after a good Worm and Fly season?  Gotta have Pure Samples to take home.  A Slice of the Intelligence (and I use that term Loosely), Fabulous Fortune Pie, no?  And I would imagine he'd probably be graced with a souvenir t-shirt and coffee mug ... of course ... to show off on his desk during his talk show on the Home Planet ... Alas, maybe I think too hard about things.  

I still repeat my mantra from time to time.  Y'know, human are essentially good and that things will be alright, one day.  But it isn't like chanting "Om shanti."

When looking about this wondrous Earth it is difficult to believe that creatures which gather and worship a Higher Being, preaching the wonders of Grace, Love, and Forgiveness turn and Rape and Pillage the Earth when they're done Bestowing their Knowledge on the Masses, while passing judgment about the Inherent Evil of some men and Wagging their Righteous Fingers at those who choose to remain in control of their bodies and then turn around and use that Same Finger to flip the switch to Execute a Condemned Man?  WTF?  So it is BAD to murder, and to prove this is so ... We will Kill You ... for Killing!  Great!  Where do I sign up?  The Brochure makes it all look so Lovely, doesn't it?

After the Butchering ... sorry, Mercy Killing ... sorry, Murder ... They gather up the youngin's ... grab the Plastic and go Hoarding.  Only to show off the latest Divine Fashion the following Sunday as they sit in the front row, gossiping about the Preacher's Wife while her Husband is committing Mass Fraud on his Congregation's Souls.  Was that too harsh? 

Alas, I digress ... again.

I honestly believe that the Mother Ship may refuse to dock here, even to pick up the hitchhikers or their Planted Observers.  So sad.  Kind of like Roswell.  'Ol boy forgot to fuel the ship prior to leaving, and wouldn't you know it ... Crash.  Sucked to be him.  And the poor survivors.  Damn. You know when they phoned home Mother Ship wouldn't accept the charges. "Serves your dumbass right to leave home without protection!  Now look at the mess you're in." 

Back to the original tangent, IF there are ghosties ... and/or aliens.  There is an obvious glitch in the system somewhere.  The ghosties have been here, know what it is all about, bailed ... and yet stick around.  Amusement value?  Maybe.  The aliens ... they're up there laughing their asses off ... or are completely horrified at the destruction they're witnessing ... and they are keeping a safe distance so that when shit hits the fan they don't get splattered.  

Personally, I opt for a combination of the two ... laughter mixed with horrified pity.   

And if you ask Average Jake on the street if he believes in aliens ... ghosts ... After he finishes looking at you cross eyed and laughing ... will probably shake his head and walk away without offering the least comment.  Now apply this disregard to Americans' view of their Society and Government and what do you get?  Dangerous Dissent, no?  Paranoia?  Conspiracy theorists? Hmmmm ....  What is the difference ... Really.  Is there a difference?  It is all an Illusion, is it not? 

Point Being:  Can you imagine being a part of the audience for this Fabulous Production?  Having the screen play in Your Hands and Knowing the True Plot ... from start to finish.  To KNOW without a shred of doubt ...  To have it All Figured Out. Would you cheer?? Cry?? Stomp your feet?? Throw something at the actors before you??  Warn them?? Somehow clue them in to what they are missing??  Something to consider.

Watching ghost hunters, believing in aliens seems to be a Safe Out for lots of people.  It is something to believe in ... they are virtually unexplored phenomena ... there is little proof of the existence of either ... and when you ask your friends about the existence of these entities it is taken all in good fun ... a chuckle, slap on the back ... and an "I dunno."  It is safe.  It is entertainment.  Right?  No One would be gullible enough to believe in something they cannot prove exists ... would they?

Personally, I am choking on all the Smoke ... Nauseated with the Profuse Stench of Bullshit ... and have had enough with the Mirrors.  Who constructed this Ride anyway?  I know, I know, careful what you ask ... who you ask ... how you ask ... and to what you allude.  Got it.  Still doesn't make things suck any less.  Though I try to cling to my Faith in humanity, I can't help but be seduced by the Notion of Something Else.  I have seen what these Fools are capable of ... time to look elsewhere ...

Guess this could be a point to argue.  Though wouldn't it matter to what "context" you apply my ravings?  Religion?  Government?  Society?  A combination?  

I do not espouse that I am a non-believer.  

I am merely asking questions.  Posing a rambling theory.

Not fine-tuned.  Not fully matured.  Merely thoughts.

Though I will say I am a Firm Believer in the Late, Great Carlin when he stated that people should

"Keep thy religion to thyself." 


Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feast Thine Eyes Upon Greatness

The momentum with which Tiger crashed into the mainstream theatre was enough to rattle the most seasoned Soap Subscriber.  It was quite overwhelming really.  

He "overshot" 'ol Bill's record by what ... 8, 9, 10? Guess we can't be sure.  I would venture to say there will be More emerge from the Hills and Valleys ... and we can't rule out LoveChildren.  Alas, we shall deal with subplots later.

So the thunderous entry was Ushered in by "Implied Gratuitous Violence" as demonstrated by the Scorned Elin wielding her husbands Nine Iron ... taking out her Frustration and Aggression on the beloved Chariot.  And we all know how that story began ... Much Merry-Making complete with Alleged Substance Use (Abuse???). 

And as She expelled him from the Heavens, he swerved when he should have ducked. All we were left with are images of a tattered Chariot, Broken and Sad ... wondering what the hell just happened.

And the Public straight ATE IT UP!  Finally!  .... a story worthy of airing to the point of exhaustion, and the people Still Hung on for Dear Life.  Wow.  An opportunity to live vicariously through the greatest thing to hit the Golf Scene since the ... I dunno ... but Tiger's entrance bordered on legendary.  For once the WASPy bastards were Forced to Face their greatest Fear.

But, Alas, the story quivered and shook before the cameras 'til it had nothing left to give.  Or did it?  

For those who missed it, Vanity Fair ran a cover thrusting the Buff Tiger out there for the World ... a Physical attraction on which millions of eyes could Feast ... with Envy, Admiration, Lust, or Contempt.  Housewives were thrilled to get the "Inside Scoop" ...  And the men AND women who tend the Greens on the other Side of the Fence were left scratching their heads ... He cheats, he gets a cover ... huh?  It was great for all involved. Really well executed.  

They continued to Fuel the Fires ... an Exploitation ..."Raw Photos" ... "Raw Sexuality" ... almost a form of Idol Worship, really.  Quite interesting.  "I'm fit, I'm strong, I'm Entitled ... Hear me Roar!"  I am here for your visual pleasure ... Please, come inside.  Have a seat.  Allow me to entertain you with an up close and personal interview ... as I reveal Who I Really Am. 

Following his Apology Speech there were a few Gasps for Air ... media milked the situation further .... analyzing his Body Language ... "Was his apology sincere?" ... "Where was Elin?" ... "Who give a &*$^???"  The Public does, That's Who. By god, we put him on that pedestal ... if he falls it shall be Us who bring him down.  And as I mentioned in my Tiger commentary ... Such was the Fall of the Beloved God of the Greens.

The cover boasting Tiger, with a physique worthy of "Greek God" status, served to Beat the general Public about the head and shoulders. Problem being, They took it as foreplay.  

No one sees the inherent danger in Society's moral mentality.  We crucify those to whom we look for Inspiration, Justification, and Redemption ... at the first sign of fallibility ... instead of Admitting our own faults and answering for them ... we thrust that energy upon a person whom we have never met .... who has NO Clue who the Hell we are ... and yet He OWES US.  Bullshit. It is similar to my problem with Christianity. The Church would crumble if it was proven a Gospel ... Truth ... that Christ was actually a Human Man ... who was fallible.  Can't have that! ... but all the same, He died for the sins of man, therefore All is forgiven.  Worship, make amends, say a few Hail Mary's and all is right with the world.  Simply say "The Devil made me do it," and you are absolved of All responsibility.  Thankfully, Tiger was Man enough to admit that he cheated ... he owns that ... For what it is.  That's more than I can say for some people.  Sorry, I digress.

After the desperate attempt to further derive some sort of foul nourishment from a dying story the media has finally put it to rest ... I think.  Course, it doesn't solve the problem.  Wanna know why it was put to bed early? Distraction.  Show 'em something shiny ... "OOOOOO .... lemme seeeeee!!!!" Totally forgot about Tiger.  It seems similar to dealing with an animal ... one that can smell fear.  If you play dead, and don't move, maybe it will go away.  Tiger is lying VERY still.

Other than a recent Tabloid headline brandishing the headline that Tiger cheated while in Rehab, the waters are fairly calm.  The people just aren't biting.  Not sure what is going on really. One could hope that his indiscretions might have prompted some constructive discussions in unfaithful households ... or not.  That would be asking too much.  Thou shalt not disclose thy indiscretions ... unless thou pay me Richly.  

People continue to erect pedestals and temples to those whom they've Placed on High.  They see nothing wrong ... they are Entitled.  And they are polytheistic ... Tiger is not the only One to whom they bow ...

Though he too shall have a second coming, there are others waiting for their time to bask in the Warm Glow of Elitism and Entitlement, to Float in the Nurturing waters of Escapism so that they may be absolved of all responsibility ...  Emerging from the waters ... they watch as the Public continues to Bestow upon Them all the things that make them Great ... and Holier than Thou ... 

[Stay tuned ...]