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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Feast Thine Eyes Upon Greatness

The momentum with which Tiger crashed into the mainstream theatre was enough to rattle the most seasoned Soap Subscriber.  It was quite overwhelming really.  

He "overshot" 'ol Bill's record by what ... 8, 9, 10? Guess we can't be sure.  I would venture to say there will be More emerge from the Hills and Valleys ... and we can't rule out LoveChildren.  Alas, we shall deal with subplots later.

So the thunderous entry was Ushered in by "Implied Gratuitous Violence" as demonstrated by the Scorned Elin wielding her husbands Nine Iron ... taking out her Frustration and Aggression on the beloved Chariot.  And we all know how that story began ... Much Merry-Making complete with Alleged Substance Use (Abuse???). 

And as She expelled him from the Heavens, he swerved when he should have ducked. All we were left with are images of a tattered Chariot, Broken and Sad ... wondering what the hell just happened.

And the Public straight ATE IT UP!  Finally!  .... a story worthy of airing to the point of exhaustion, and the people Still Hung on for Dear Life.  Wow.  An opportunity to live vicariously through the greatest thing to hit the Golf Scene since the ... I dunno ... but Tiger's entrance bordered on legendary.  For once the WASPy bastards were Forced to Face their greatest Fear.

But, Alas, the story quivered and shook before the cameras 'til it had nothing left to give.  Or did it?  

For those who missed it, Vanity Fair ran a cover thrusting the Buff Tiger out there for the World ... a Physical attraction on which millions of eyes could Feast ... with Envy, Admiration, Lust, or Contempt.  Housewives were thrilled to get the "Inside Scoop" ...  And the men AND women who tend the Greens on the other Side of the Fence were left scratching their heads ... He cheats, he gets a cover ... huh?  It was great for all involved. Really well executed.  

They continued to Fuel the Fires ... an Exploitation ..."Raw Photos" ... "Raw Sexuality" ... almost a form of Idol Worship, really.  Quite interesting.  "I'm fit, I'm strong, I'm Entitled ... Hear me Roar!"  I am here for your visual pleasure ... Please, come inside.  Have a seat.  Allow me to entertain you with an up close and personal interview ... as I reveal Who I Really Am. 

Following his Apology Speech there were a few Gasps for Air ... media milked the situation further .... analyzing his Body Language ... "Was his apology sincere?" ... "Where was Elin?" ... "Who give a &*$^???"  The Public does, That's Who. By god, we put him on that pedestal ... if he falls it shall be Us who bring him down.  And as I mentioned in my Tiger commentary ... Such was the Fall of the Beloved God of the Greens.

The cover boasting Tiger, with a physique worthy of "Greek God" status, served to Beat the general Public about the head and shoulders. Problem being, They took it as foreplay.  

No one sees the inherent danger in Society's moral mentality.  We crucify those to whom we look for Inspiration, Justification, and Redemption ... at the first sign of fallibility ... instead of Admitting our own faults and answering for them ... we thrust that energy upon a person whom we have never met .... who has NO Clue who the Hell we are ... and yet He OWES US.  Bullshit. It is similar to my problem with Christianity. The Church would crumble if it was proven a Gospel ... Truth ... that Christ was actually a Human Man ... who was fallible.  Can't have that! ... but all the same, He died for the sins of man, therefore All is forgiven.  Worship, make amends, say a few Hail Mary's and all is right with the world.  Simply say "The Devil made me do it," and you are absolved of All responsibility.  Thankfully, Tiger was Man enough to admit that he cheated ... he owns that ... For what it is.  That's more than I can say for some people.  Sorry, I digress.

After the desperate attempt to further derive some sort of foul nourishment from a dying story the media has finally put it to rest ... I think.  Course, it doesn't solve the problem.  Wanna know why it was put to bed early? Distraction.  Show 'em something shiny ... "OOOOOO .... lemme seeeeee!!!!" Totally forgot about Tiger.  It seems similar to dealing with an animal ... one that can smell fear.  If you play dead, and don't move, maybe it will go away.  Tiger is lying VERY still.

Other than a recent Tabloid headline brandishing the headline that Tiger cheated while in Rehab, the waters are fairly calm.  The people just aren't biting.  Not sure what is going on really. One could hope that his indiscretions might have prompted some constructive discussions in unfaithful households ... or not.  That would be asking too much.  Thou shalt not disclose thy indiscretions ... unless thou pay me Richly.  

People continue to erect pedestals and temples to those whom they've Placed on High.  They see nothing wrong ... they are Entitled.  And they are polytheistic ... Tiger is not the only One to whom they bow ...

Though he too shall have a second coming, there are others waiting for their time to bask in the Warm Glow of Elitism and Entitlement, to Float in the Nurturing waters of Escapism so that they may be absolved of all responsibility ...  Emerging from the waters ... they watch as the Public continues to Bestow upon Them all the things that make them Great ... and Holier than Thou ... 

[Stay tuned ...]

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