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Thursday, March 18, 2010

Ghosties, Aliens, and Humans! Oh My!

Been watching a lot of the "ghosthunter" shows lately. [Yep, Jason and Grant included.  Love 'em... Can't help it ...]

I gotta believe there is some intelligent life somewhere out there, even if they are "dead"... would take my chances with the ghosties over humans any day.

Which makes me wonder, is there any hope really?  

But of course there is.  You just have to know where to look. "Pursue a Safe Road" ... and if it diverges in a yellow wood ...

... I'll will consider it.

Often pondered the notion that maybe ... possibly Larry King [he's a great interviewer, but he creeps me out] is really an alien visiting, waiting for the arrival of the Mother Ship so that he may report back and Boast 'I Survived'. Think about it, he interviews the Most Entitled, Sacred among us ... how often does he interview Bubba down at the Bait Shop after a good Worm and Fly season?  Gotta have Pure Samples to take home.  A Slice of the Intelligence (and I use that term Loosely), Fabulous Fortune Pie, no?  And I would imagine he'd probably be graced with a souvenir t-shirt and coffee mug ... of course ... to show off on his desk during his talk show on the Home Planet ... Alas, maybe I think too hard about things.  

I still repeat my mantra from time to time.  Y'know, human are essentially good and that things will be alright, one day.  But it isn't like chanting "Om shanti."

When looking about this wondrous Earth it is difficult to believe that creatures which gather and worship a Higher Being, preaching the wonders of Grace, Love, and Forgiveness turn and Rape and Pillage the Earth when they're done Bestowing their Knowledge on the Masses, while passing judgment about the Inherent Evil of some men and Wagging their Righteous Fingers at those who choose to remain in control of their bodies and then turn around and use that Same Finger to flip the switch to Execute a Condemned Man?  WTF?  So it is BAD to murder, and to prove this is so ... We will Kill You ... for Killing!  Great!  Where do I sign up?  The Brochure makes it all look so Lovely, doesn't it?

After the Butchering ... sorry, Mercy Killing ... sorry, Murder ... They gather up the youngin's ... grab the Plastic and go Hoarding.  Only to show off the latest Divine Fashion the following Sunday as they sit in the front row, gossiping about the Preacher's Wife while her Husband is committing Mass Fraud on his Congregation's Souls.  Was that too harsh? 

Alas, I digress ... again.

I honestly believe that the Mother Ship may refuse to dock here, even to pick up the hitchhikers or their Planted Observers.  So sad.  Kind of like Roswell.  'Ol boy forgot to fuel the ship prior to leaving, and wouldn't you know it ... Crash.  Sucked to be him.  And the poor survivors.  Damn. You know when they phoned home Mother Ship wouldn't accept the charges. "Serves your dumbass right to leave home without protection!  Now look at the mess you're in." 

Back to the original tangent, IF there are ghosties ... and/or aliens.  There is an obvious glitch in the system somewhere.  The ghosties have been here, know what it is all about, bailed ... and yet stick around.  Amusement value?  Maybe.  The aliens ... they're up there laughing their asses off ... or are completely horrified at the destruction they're witnessing ... and they are keeping a safe distance so that when shit hits the fan they don't get splattered.  

Personally, I opt for a combination of the two ... laughter mixed with horrified pity.   

And if you ask Average Jake on the street if he believes in aliens ... ghosts ... After he finishes looking at you cross eyed and laughing ... will probably shake his head and walk away without offering the least comment.  Now apply this disregard to Americans' view of their Society and Government and what do you get?  Dangerous Dissent, no?  Paranoia?  Conspiracy theorists? Hmmmm ....  What is the difference ... Really.  Is there a difference?  It is all an Illusion, is it not? 

Point Being:  Can you imagine being a part of the audience for this Fabulous Production?  Having the screen play in Your Hands and Knowing the True Plot ... from start to finish.  To KNOW without a shred of doubt ...  To have it All Figured Out. Would you cheer?? Cry?? Stomp your feet?? Throw something at the actors before you??  Warn them?? Somehow clue them in to what they are missing??  Something to consider.

Watching ghost hunters, believing in aliens seems to be a Safe Out for lots of people.  It is something to believe in ... they are virtually unexplored phenomena ... there is little proof of the existence of either ... and when you ask your friends about the existence of these entities it is taken all in good fun ... a chuckle, slap on the back ... and an "I dunno."  It is safe.  It is entertainment.  Right?  No One would be gullible enough to believe in something they cannot prove exists ... would they?

Personally, I am choking on all the Smoke ... Nauseated with the Profuse Stench of Bullshit ... and have had enough with the Mirrors.  Who constructed this Ride anyway?  I know, I know, careful what you ask ... who you ask ... how you ask ... and to what you allude.  Got it.  Still doesn't make things suck any less.  Though I try to cling to my Faith in humanity, I can't help but be seduced by the Notion of Something Else.  I have seen what these Fools are capable of ... time to look elsewhere ...

Guess this could be a point to argue.  Though wouldn't it matter to what "context" you apply my ravings?  Religion?  Government?  Society?  A combination?  

I do not espouse that I am a non-believer.  

I am merely asking questions.  Posing a rambling theory.

Not fine-tuned.  Not fully matured.  Merely thoughts.

Though I will say I am a Firm Believer in the Late, Great Carlin when he stated that people should

"Keep thy religion to thyself." 


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