photo,"Julie" by William Huber

Monday, December 6, 2010

Define Irony ...

Calling out from beneath the suffocating weight of your darkness ...
Overcome with confusion, angst and impatience ...
Wondering how one's heart may pump as marble ...
Asking for forgiveness though there's nothing to forgive ...
Reading into bruised and tattered tea leaves worn by acidic speech...
Daring to gaze forward and up from the abyss ...
Strength is found by those who won't lie down ...
                                            those who kick and scream as I ...
                                                who may one day surface whole ...                                                       I pray.

Friday, November 5, 2010

Not sure if I should, but I feel that I must.
What the hell, they're just words.
Little stories, footprints in dust.
Consuming urge to shout, to plead,
Please don't passively nod, listen to me.

Java and watered down Jack,
Bars of isolation,
Shot glasses filled to the brim.
Unwittingly, my vulnerability gulped down,
Satisfying demented intent.

Razor tongue pierces bone,
Venom, spite, hate and loathe.
Voices drift over Hades' breeze,
Don't call me Persephone ...
No blood, no foul just emotional disease.

Apologies errily frothy,
Blame, argue, attack and blame.
Baptized in poison,
Starved for attention,
I'll make it up to you someday ...

You hear the voices,
Did they murder your conscience?
Or is it still tied to the clothes line out back?
Withering, weathered, worn ... no more.
Drowned in 150 proof, buried in coke, pills and pot.

Muffled demon laughter floats from beyond the veil,
Naiveté, undeserved trust.
Words filter down from on High,
Echoing through the hushed chamber ...

"Thou shalt not ..." No, your Honor, I won't (then again, I may).
"Thou must'nt ... "No, your Honor, I shan't (but I will).
"Dost thou understand ..." Yes, your Honor **shaking head in the negative**
"You have been warned, I don't want to see you here again."
You won't see me, I'm done ... Almost.

Words Untitled

I have a problem with words.
They often fail me at the most awkward moments,
You know the ones ... like this one.

I often feel as Joyce, disheveled and prostrate over the keyboard,
Distraught at my inability to command them.
Momentary lapse of reason ...

Does no one listen anymore?
Does no one care about images, thoughts, feelings?
I stare blankly at the screen before me ...

Stood up as so many times before,
We must work on our communication skills,
Alas, I fear that this is not working for either of us ...

Monday, September 20, 2010

A new era @ Lucid is set to begin ... 
A movement beyond the MSM ... An exploration of that outside the conventional scope of the domestic worldview ...  
Who are these "key players" ... what does any of it matter anyhow? ...
Just as Alice tumbled down the rabbit hole, we too shall take the plunge.
Beyond illusion, it is a puzzle ... Shall we work the puzzle together? 

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alas, we have come to the end of the first journey.

It is interesting to take an objective view of how the scenery has changed to accommodate and further feed preconceived notions that are venomous and toxic, yet seductive in their appeal.  

Humans always gawk and squawk about the misfortunes of others and such common chatter intensifies all the more when drama enters stage Right.  This time around the fluff has been flying from both sides and poison continues to seep into the lifeblood of the MSM.  

Not sure if many witnessed the bantering and blame throwing that took place on the MSM media channels today ... this busy Wednesday in the Wondrous World of Citizen Journalism.  It was very reminiscent of a day on the campaign trail ... without the cameo appearance of the token mistress or male escort, felony charges, or other wild cards.  No, this time around they hit at the root of much of America's issues for too long ... race.  And the entire scuffle has stemmed from the Motivational Production known affectionately as Arizona's Immigration Bill 1070.  

Since you have journeyed with me thus far, I will not digress to the subtlety of details that have shaded our way.  At present, the chatter, protests, and praises cloaking the hotly debated issue have become an all-inclusive resort.  In its discriminatory message, the overall effect does  NOT discriminate.  Meaning, all races have dived into the mix.  But the Big Brother of them all is throwing his weight around causing much unnecessary disturbance, fear, and uneasiness. 

Not since the W years have I heard such fumbling, umming, awing, and fragmented acknowledgement of a major fubar'd situation.  Today was up there with our former Leader's "Crusade" comment ... Not good.  

As I mentioned over at Musings and Illusions earlier, Responsible Journalism is on life support. Course, after today's events, I think it is in the final throes of expiration.  

The great, elected officials are playing fetch, catch, charades, AND hot potato in the wake of the Sherrod controversy.  No one seems to know who threw the first punch, nor who doctored the 20-some year old video that launched this colossal demonstration of abhorred deep-seeded hatred that was rumored to have slipped into dormancy.  And if that isn't enough, the WH now has a serious case of amnesia or other convenient medium of shunning responsibility ... either to accept or determine who should accept the blame.  Meanwhile, the MSM organizations are slinging all kinds of muck at one another.  All that aside ... DON'T LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SCREEN!  Stop and think.

Such a huge Situation is nothing more than an adaptation of a Springer-induced sideshow designed to play to the superficial fears, anxiety, and anger of an already stressed out, manipulated, and complacent public.  Think about it.

I am amazed at the complex appearance of the downward spiral that was initiated by the ill-timed release of a law that if it was of any importance or meaning to begin with would have been designed, delivered, and accepted OR debated Years Ago.  No one stopped to ask, "why now?" Convenient.

So here we are.  The alleged, intended racism associated with the "Law" has grown to encompass the whole of our society, housing it in a huge arena constructed of diverse notions about humanity, racism, and moral obligations,  and within the enclosure the confined are then further divided into those who are in favor of, those who are opposed to, those who are scratching their heads wondering what the hell has happened, those who are profiting politically from the confusion and ire, and those who have wagered money and are awaiting the outcome so that they may collect their winnings.  

People are easily controlled when they are fearful. 

All the back and forth going on right now has Nothing to do with race when it comes down to the heart of it.  For appearance's sake, it looks as such ... but as you already know things are not always as they seem.  

This definitely qualifies as one of the classic poorly constructed and executed illusions perpetuated on an unsuspecting audience as they are thrust into the narrow corridors of the wobbly funhouse with its "mirrors" coated with dulled aluminum foil-like material ... warped at the edges but possessing enough "shiny" to still do the trick.  And as happens with the slanted floors there is always someone pushing at your back to hurry the hell up, what's ahead doesn't matter to them ... they are behind You.  Whatever is there will get You first.  They have nothing to worry about ... 

But I digress, I waited to see if anything was offered on the Kagan confirmation vote, but either I missed it or it was mysteriously absent ... WAIT!! ... It was overshadowed by the damage control and blame game that continued through the afternoon hours.  

I was amazed.  The entire fiasco was embarrassing.  This was our Government, our Media ... all those who essentially influence and deliver the News of the Day ... and they were so busy slinging, dodging, and bobbing-n-weaving that no one could offer anything of any substance. Well, the day was accentuated by the passage of the Financial Reform Bill, but that is another Bag-O-Change.  

Just as I ramble on with this post, so has the entire immigration discussion/production meandered about the various states, cities, and neighborhoods ... all the while numerous signs, postings, and shiny objects have appeared all along the fabricated path serving only to accelerate the push at our backs that reduces those who choose to play to adopt a basic instinctual reaction to the "threat" at hand.  ANYTHING anyone says at this point is construed, twisted, bent, painted, and smeared until it appears to possess Racist or Anti-Semitic qualities.  

Don't believe me?  Go ask Mel.  Glenn.  Shirley.

The immigration bill serves as nothing more than a springboard on which the real debate is now teasingly jumping up and down.  And with each bounce, the power gains strength and thrust. When the Debate finally hits the clouded waters of public discussion, consideration, and response it'll pack a punch dwarfing the back-and-forth we witness by the Spin Doctors and Pundits.  

I have said it numerous times, and I will say it again for those who didn't hear me the first time. Allegiances are narrowing at lightning speed.  And I am not talking about RACE!!! 

People need to start thinking Independently.  Not waiting to be spoon fed.  The stench from the foul-smelling dribble falling from the chin of the collective public is enough to gag a maggot right about now and it is thoroughly disheartening.  

I have faith that humanity ... we as a society ... is better than how it is being portrayed in the images we see daily on the Tube.  Just waiting to be proven right.  

Saturday, July 10, 2010


During a recent trip to the UK, the wife, son and I took a day trip to Sterling Scotland, from Edinburgh to see Sterling castle.
While waiting for a bus to said castle at the bus depot across from the train station, we meandered around...sat...stood, people-watched and waited.
At one point in our long wait for the bus that never came, I began noticing a woman going from person to person chatting, then leaving quickly to go to another. I watched her with great interest.

She was a slim, blond woman in a shabby but clean house dress and carrying a plastic bag full of purchases she had made. What caught my eye was how no one would talk to her for long, and how she would just wander up to the next person and appear to engage them in conversation.

As the crowd changed with the arriving and departing buses, this woman would wander unobtrusively around the station with a welcoming smile on her face for all to see. And shun.

From where I observed her, it appeared as though she was "one of those" people that cross all our paths at one time or another. Those with lower mental capabilities than ourselves. One which most would prefer not to be bothered with. I understand that feeling. Talking to people like that, even for a moment, can be much like walking into quicksand...there is a possibility of no way out.

But I had some time. And she was so magnetic to me in her reserved exuberance, even from a distance. I sat down next to her on one of the benches as she had just exhausted any possible conversations from the last batch of passengers.

As I have said, until now I had only observed her from afar, but when she turned to me to start a conversation, as I knew she would, I looked into her eyes.

Her whole life was there.

Yes, she was what would be considered to be mentally "dull". She had a speech impediment(one that was seemingly caused by bad hearing, as she watched people's mouths intently as she listened), and unkempt hair....but, those eyes.

Their beauty and innocence were matched only by her obvious love of life.
As we began chatting...well, I say "chatting" as if it was an easy conversation, but it was more like a translator's nightmare. Between her speech problems, a highland "Glasgow" accent, my American accent and our worlds-apart lives, it was a bit of a struggle to communicate at all. But we both wanted to, and we did.
She was immediately filled with questions. "Where are you from?", "are you on holiday?", "is that your wife and son?", "how old is he?"
Our conversation went on for the better part of a half-hour.
I learned that her name was Mary...a name she didn't like. She lived with her sister and had never been out of Glasgow before this, her trip to Sterling. She was 36 years old. No, she hadn't seen the castle, she had done some shopping...and it went on.

She had a child's curiosity, but as we talked, I didn't mind answering her questions, if I could just continue to look into those eyes. It seemed her whole world and all she had endured, was there. Of course she had a difficult time in life...that was obvious. But her spirit was not dampened. And she was out today on her own...and not bothering anyone(it was obvious that someone, perhaps her sister, had told her not to press people too hard to talk to her...and she tried not to).

As I was engaged in our little talk, my son called to me and said they had decided to take a cab, so I turned to say goodbye to Mary and she had vanished into the crowd. When we were walking by the last bus, I noticed her getting on it. I waved to her as she climbed into her bus back home, but she didn't notice.

I hope she got home alright. By herself.

Of all the memories that I brought home from our vacation, Mary sticks in my mind. I can't stop seeing her laughing eyes and how they could affirm all that is human and good.

Tuesday, July 6, 2010

LaLaLa ... Connect the Dots ....

Let's play a game. How about Connect the Dots ....

Why not?  The entire Immigration Production has spiraled beyond control and grown venomous tentacles that are reaching well beyond the established confines of normal societal thinking.  As we all know, as a rule, the general public does not consider, let alone dwell on, those things that do not affect them directly.  And this isn't necessary a fault, just a matter fact.  It's is the way we are raised.  It take repeated exposure to spark a glimmer of recognition ...

Aside from our conditioning to spend, spend, spend on things we don't need with money we don't have and have no way of paying back ... we are conditioned to focus sharply on our immediate environment and consider that which occurs outside our circles of familiarity to be alien and uncomfortable ... an occasional minor distraction that presents in a characteristic haziness similar to that experienced by one who has consumed one too many Bloody Maries.  That being said ... the subplots developing in the foreground are beyond reprehensible and irresponsible ... they are downright evil and nauseating.

No one took much notice of the Black Panther "incident" outside the polling station in PA on election day '08.  Everyone was too mesmerized by the fanfair, antici-pation and anxiety on the results that would start pouring in with the first closures of the polls later that evening.  Eyes were glued to the MSM stations for their state-of-the-art holographic interviews and multi-faceted analyses proctored by Talking Heads and Spin Doctors of all allegiances immersed in a "thorough discussion" of the technicalities and societal value of voter behaviors and predictions for the election's outcome.  All attention was on the glitz and fanfare.  We didn't need any Downer, like alleged voter intimidation to rain on our themed parade of Hope and Change.  By god, we had survived eight years of being repeatedly beat about the head and shoulders with a blunt instrument affectionately known as W.  Was so terrific, in the waning hours of his presidency, he inspired the production of theatrical productions, documentaries, and fine works of fiction ... all dedicated to eight glorious years of speaking in fragmented sentences, fumbling logic, goofy laughter (inappropriate at times), nearly complete incompetence ... and did I mention the flinging of footwear?  And those are the highlights, flashbacks that immediately come to mind.

Alas, in the wake of such trauma and manic response to the possibility of having a leader who would address the country in complete sentences without squinting as though he were looking directly at the sun ... we were in no mood to even contemplate that subplots were being positioned in obvious, yet entirely ignored, locations.  And, now, nearly two years later, that lost footage has returned rabid ... carrying a messenger bag full of lawsuits, DOJ resignations, and investigative questions that are superficial at best ... and the foaming jaws are ready to take a chunk out of our ass whether we have been immunized or not.  Anyone noticed?  Anyone see this coming??? Nope.  Pardon our complacent welcoming ... we are mildly distracted yet.

Get 'em when they are down.   The Kagan confirmation hearings went off without a hitch ... I vaguely caught some laughter about Christmas and Jews eating Chinese, but the rest is a blur. The immigration law will be up for review here shortly and the poker-playing-powerhouse will be ready.  Would you like that Kung Pao to go?? 

In the mean time, the paint of the backdrop has finally dried and NRA supporters are flying their flags high and proud.  Violence on the border is escalating, I would have to say allegedly, haven't witnessed it first hand, but to take what the MSM is reporting it is turning into a war zone.  And this week, I heard that the pres is finally making a trip down there to see for himself the plight of the Arizonians who are still a bit peeved over the signs the government had made for them to further publicize, er, warn of the violence and tension that permeates the suffocating air warmed by the desert sun ... And where is the attention of the American public ... The testimony of a former DOJ lawyer who resigned discouraged over the dismissal of the case which he successfully brought and prosecuted over the voter intimidation perpetrated by Black Panther members outside a polling station in PA on that overcast day back in November of 2008.  

As I have said before, and I will say it again, if you haven't found a cause to get riled over .... wait. The divisiveness of the subplots being played out before us on the tube each evening are escalating on the "sensational meter" .... And again I say, allegiances are narrowing ...  Watch closely ... When the strings are pulled just right anyone will dance ...