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Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Alas, we have come to the end of the first journey.

It is interesting to take an objective view of how the scenery has changed to accommodate and further feed preconceived notions that are venomous and toxic, yet seductive in their appeal.  

Humans always gawk and squawk about the misfortunes of others and such common chatter intensifies all the more when drama enters stage Right.  This time around the fluff has been flying from both sides and poison continues to seep into the lifeblood of the MSM.  

Not sure if many witnessed the bantering and blame throwing that took place on the MSM media channels today ... this busy Wednesday in the Wondrous World of Citizen Journalism.  It was very reminiscent of a day on the campaign trail ... without the cameo appearance of the token mistress or male escort, felony charges, or other wild cards.  No, this time around they hit at the root of much of America's issues for too long ... race.  And the entire scuffle has stemmed from the Motivational Production known affectionately as Arizona's Immigration Bill 1070.  

Since you have journeyed with me thus far, I will not digress to the subtlety of details that have shaded our way.  At present, the chatter, protests, and praises cloaking the hotly debated issue have become an all-inclusive resort.  In its discriminatory message, the overall effect does  NOT discriminate.  Meaning, all races have dived into the mix.  But the Big Brother of them all is throwing his weight around causing much unnecessary disturbance, fear, and uneasiness. 

Not since the W years have I heard such fumbling, umming, awing, and fragmented acknowledgement of a major fubar'd situation.  Today was up there with our former Leader's "Crusade" comment ... Not good.  

As I mentioned over at Musings and Illusions earlier, Responsible Journalism is on life support. Course, after today's events, I think it is in the final throes of expiration.  

The great, elected officials are playing fetch, catch, charades, AND hot potato in the wake of the Sherrod controversy.  No one seems to know who threw the first punch, nor who doctored the 20-some year old video that launched this colossal demonstration of abhorred deep-seeded hatred that was rumored to have slipped into dormancy.  And if that isn't enough, the WH now has a serious case of amnesia or other convenient medium of shunning responsibility ... either to accept or determine who should accept the blame.  Meanwhile, the MSM organizations are slinging all kinds of muck at one another.  All that aside ... DON'T LOOK DIRECTLY AT THE SCREEN!  Stop and think.

Such a huge Situation is nothing more than an adaptation of a Springer-induced sideshow designed to play to the superficial fears, anxiety, and anger of an already stressed out, manipulated, and complacent public.  Think about it.

I am amazed at the complex appearance of the downward spiral that was initiated by the ill-timed release of a law that if it was of any importance or meaning to begin with would have been designed, delivered, and accepted OR debated Years Ago.  No one stopped to ask, "why now?" Convenient.

So here we are.  The alleged, intended racism associated with the "Law" has grown to encompass the whole of our society, housing it in a huge arena constructed of diverse notions about humanity, racism, and moral obligations,  and within the enclosure the confined are then further divided into those who are in favor of, those who are opposed to, those who are scratching their heads wondering what the hell has happened, those who are profiting politically from the confusion and ire, and those who have wagered money and are awaiting the outcome so that they may collect their winnings.  

People are easily controlled when they are fearful. 

All the back and forth going on right now has Nothing to do with race when it comes down to the heart of it.  For appearance's sake, it looks as such ... but as you already know things are not always as they seem.  

This definitely qualifies as one of the classic poorly constructed and executed illusions perpetuated on an unsuspecting audience as they are thrust into the narrow corridors of the wobbly funhouse with its "mirrors" coated with dulled aluminum foil-like material ... warped at the edges but possessing enough "shiny" to still do the trick.  And as happens with the slanted floors there is always someone pushing at your back to hurry the hell up, what's ahead doesn't matter to them ... they are behind You.  Whatever is there will get You first.  They have nothing to worry about ... 

But I digress, I waited to see if anything was offered on the Kagan confirmation vote, but either I missed it or it was mysteriously absent ... WAIT!! ... It was overshadowed by the damage control and blame game that continued through the afternoon hours.  

I was amazed.  The entire fiasco was embarrassing.  This was our Government, our Media ... all those who essentially influence and deliver the News of the Day ... and they were so busy slinging, dodging, and bobbing-n-weaving that no one could offer anything of any substance. Well, the day was accentuated by the passage of the Financial Reform Bill, but that is another Bag-O-Change.  

Just as I ramble on with this post, so has the entire immigration discussion/production meandered about the various states, cities, and neighborhoods ... all the while numerous signs, postings, and shiny objects have appeared all along the fabricated path serving only to accelerate the push at our backs that reduces those who choose to play to adopt a basic instinctual reaction to the "threat" at hand.  ANYTHING anyone says at this point is construed, twisted, bent, painted, and smeared until it appears to possess Racist or Anti-Semitic qualities.  

Don't believe me?  Go ask Mel.  Glenn.  Shirley.

The immigration bill serves as nothing more than a springboard on which the real debate is now teasingly jumping up and down.  And with each bounce, the power gains strength and thrust. When the Debate finally hits the clouded waters of public discussion, consideration, and response it'll pack a punch dwarfing the back-and-forth we witness by the Spin Doctors and Pundits.  

I have said it numerous times, and I will say it again for those who didn't hear me the first time. Allegiances are narrowing at lightning speed.  And I am not talking about RACE!!! 

People need to start thinking Independently.  Not waiting to be spoon fed.  The stench from the foul-smelling dribble falling from the chin of the collective public is enough to gag a maggot right about now and it is thoroughly disheartening.  

I have faith that humanity ... we as a society ... is better than how it is being portrayed in the images we see daily on the Tube.  Just waiting to be proven right.  

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