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Tuesday, June 29, 2010

I've never really been much on logic puzzles.  Though I am fascinated how some people reach the conclusions they do sometimes.

To break up my long hours before the computer screen, typing till my fingers are numb, I have left the MSM news channels on in the background for noise the past few days.  Occasionally switching around, give them all a fair shake to state their cases.  It is interesting to note who runs what as the top stories and which are shoved to the in-between-bites.  And then those stories that don't even make mention ....

Anyway, the Kagan hearings have obviously dominated much of the commentary.  Course, today she is sharing a split screen with Petraeous.  Anywho ... both sides (meaning the Rs and Ds) are debating qualifications ... and amongst all the chatter there has only been one Spin Doctor to pick up on, what I would consider to be, an important point no one else has considered.  Kagan's confirmation will coincide with the hearing on Arizona's Immigration Law.  Perfect timing, huh? It's almost as though it were meant to be ... And all this falls against the backdrop of the gun ruling handed down by the High Court yesterday before its recess.  Anyone else connecting the dots?  Or, more appropriately, is anyone else even Seeing the dots???

I sit idle watching the script play out on the screen before me.  The Spin Doc's observation has caught my attention ... Someone else thinking outside the Prefab Box.  All the Kings Men (and Women) lined obediently side by side to ask those burning questions that must be asked ... it is convention ... And in the end, it doesn't matter.  The court is being shaped to suit the needs of the moment.  That is the problem I personally have with lifetime appointments.  The "unconventional-conventional" marriage of Timeliness and Context.  But that is a fuzzy, wavy avenue of thought ... and irrelevant really ... b/c it is all an Illusion.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

A Star is Born ... Another Burns Out ...

Rumblings and mumblings;  
Nebraska chooses its side. 
Supporters chant,
Those in opposition continue to rant.

Failed attempt at some lyrical writing.  Point being that things move quickly.  Since last post, the silence has shuttered with mumblings writhing to the surface.  Everyone knows that the discontent hasn't dissipated, it has merely been napping for a little while ... will soon awaken hungry for more attention.  And instead of any constructive conversation between opposing sides there will be more of the same ... heated discussions, walks, protests, loud conversations, all those things that make the unwavering nervous ... The undertones of violence held comfortably amidst the words spoken by members of the Grand Ol Party are completely unnecessary. Someone should have their mouth washed out with soap ... or courses in the way to properly engage the public ... meaning, reconnecting the switch leading from mind to mouth; might work wonders to plug the perpetual slippage that keeps occurring ... gushing poison ... words of violence and division ... Ooops, didn't mean to say that. Annie grab your gun!  Ooops, didn't mean to say that either.  Hate it when that happens.  

Neither here nor there really.  Important to keep one's eye on the ball that is in front.  Not to look back, wastes time, and precious tax-payer monies.  Can't be wasteful.  Gotta give them what they want.  Reinforce stereotypes, misconceptions, delusions, misinformation, and keep them ignorant.  Just remember, ignorance can be fixed.  

Those who came before are watching things play out now and are shaking their heads in shame. When trying to make a difference, it should be done in a capacity that is respectful and not a mockery or satirical adaptation of history.  Though it repeats when given time, history is a teacher, if we would only pay attention.  In the times we are now facing, this should be one thing we can all afford.  

Monday, June 21, 2010

Scene Change

The loud protests associated with the immigration production have fallen eerily silent. In the wake of the DOJ's announcement that a formal lawsuit will be filed to challenge the fledgling law it seems like people are seeking shelter from the coming storm.  And have you noticed the other states who have said they would jump on the Bandwagon have likewise fallen mute?  Only the truly dedicated are still waving their signs and chanting their mantras ... they don't have an election to fret over ... maybe this time one person's vote will be worth 10???!!! And then you have certain Rs who are stoking the fires of irritation and discontent with inflamed rhetoric and encouragement ... I'll give you a clue, Second Amendment??? Promptly followed by an "Ooops, didn't mean that,".... Individuals who speak such words KNOW that the general public doesn't always listen to EVERY word, but latches on to those that hold the most meaning for them ... IE: 2nd Amendment ... gun rights ... etc .... Quite frightening really.  

Before this is over it will reach the Supreme Court.  And the pieces are already starting to fall into place.  The key players are weighing their words and measuring their responses meticulously.  It is amazing to witness, really.  Trying to balance one's agenda, potential campaign strategy for the Nov '10 elections, and conscience all at the same time must be immensely stressful.  An none are the wiser.  A majority of the public isn't paying attention.  The common scenes associated with the immigration banner have fallen dark ... replaced by oil covered animals and flashy CEOs gracing the crystal clear FOREIGN waters on their fancy-dancy yachts (oops!).  Another PR nightmare in the making, and then, behold, Hayward steps down.  Didn't see that coming ... no wonder he was so mechanical during his testimony, he no longer cared.  Guess it is kind of like knowing you only have a couple more days before vacation and you slack off ... because you can.  Doesn't make it right.  It just happens.  

Anyway, keep an eye out for the future incarnations of the immigration debate cause it is long from over.  In recent days we have been informed that there are a little over a dozen Afhgan soldiers unaccounted for ... but don't panic ... they've been AWOL for more than two years now.   Just thought you should know, in case you see 'em.  Again, just an effort to slide a lil more fuel into the fires ... gotta let it sink in before it starts to burn.  People see it, hear it, but fail to process it until later.  Not sure why.  Guess it has something to do with being distracted by all the other more shiny stories filling the boob-tube.  

I am sure that once the whole debate reaches fighting words to be sparred before the High Court, we will finally see the 5'6" (or is she 5'7"?) beer-guzzling-poker-playing-powerhouse in action.  Yay!  It is about time.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Critic's Notes

The immigration scenery is constantly shifting into ever-winding, intricate spirals of apprehension, ignorance, and exploitation.  I have struggled deeply with the thought of continuing this "theory of examination".  Without even trying, I think that further exploration will take us down a road that I personally don't feel like traversing right now.  I am completely amazed at the fleeting attention this area of our social psyche receives ... only when it suits the objectives of those who serve to profit in some sort of fashion, monetary or otherwise. Focus zooms in on all that is wrong with humanity.  Conflict, violence, and sex ... high ticket items for a society starved for meaning.

I was (and still am) appalled at the racist feeding frenzy that occurred with the news that individuals of "other than Mexican heritage" were winding their way across the border.  Fueling the fires of anti-latino-ism wasn't enough ... now other cultures are being drawn into the mix.  As if they hadn't been before ... When the term "melting pot" was coined, I doubt this was what they had in mind. Meaning the ignorant, fearful base on which superficial acceptance is waved like a welcome flag ... until the dust gets kicked up and crap flies discriminately through the air.  I've said it time and again, PEOPLE FEAR THAT (OR THOSE WHOM) THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND.  It takes too much time to make rational, knowlege-based decisions.  Knee-jerk reactions are in style ... Think long, think wrong .... especially if you wish to be included in the masses, where it is "safe".  But I digress.

(And now there are those jumping up and down, having a tantrum over the Language the president uses such as "Violent Extremism" ... WHY??? ... Persecute a Faith??? If they feel that strongly about it, then the terminology would have to be referred to with an acronym ... too many religious adjectives would be needed to modify Extremism ... that is, if you would list them individually ... No? ... well, either way, I know of one faith that would definitely rival or exceed that which is currently the focus of public fear, anger, scrutiny, and general feelings of discontent ... to put it mildly ... And, yet again, I digress ... Let's continue ....)

In light of the appalling trade of human smuggling, several individuals were placed in harm's way and a young man lost his life ... the only sense the MSM could make of the situation was further pitting one group against another ... instead of trying to understand the actions behind the Monster.  

It would seem that not enough people are paying attention to the Immigration Production ... or interest has waned ... momentarily.  OR the MSM has been depriving its info-hungry public with much needed nourishment.   Whatever the case, the above instance, I think was thrust upon the public in a timely fashion as a way to rekindle interest, action, protest ... some kind of response.  And it succeeded ... especially gaining international attention.  It isn't enough to further exploit all that is wrong with society ... but when all else fails ... and people no longer seem to care ... or become bored with the idea ... call on the children, elderly, disabled, and animals to further one's calls and increase the volume of a lone cry.  It works every time. 

Those who do no live near the border and have not voiced opinion in opposition to or in support of the immigration law were merely those towards whom this latest incarnation was directed.  If you don't hold any immediate ties to the situation, surely you are still fearful and harbor ill feelings towards those who are different .... those who may be responsible for all the havoc being wreaked on our Peaceloving Society ... then again, maybe not.  But if so ...

Allegiances are narrowing ... stifling any opportunity for growth or change.  At risk of sounding redundant, take inventory of your convictions ... I truly believe Darwin was onto something ... 

Friday, June 4, 2010

Immigration Production: Act 1 Scene 1: Attitude is EVERYTHING

There are SO many lines being etched in the sterile circumstances, constructed scenes, and rehearsed rhetoric anymore that one may feel as though he is being morally drawn and quartered by merely maintaining beliefs he's held his entire adult life.  And the immigration debate is thoroughly upholding its end of the divisive bargain.

As the tides wash over society's bigotry and self-indulgence, individuals are being increasingly pressured to adopt an all or nothing attitude that is continually working hard to narrow allegiances.  

Just as israel demands, you must be completely supportive (from worship, to partnership/accomplice) or completely against their actions/existence/rhetoric.  Immigration is slowly dividing americans into those who are (as the 'ol Beckster likes to say) capitalistic, law abiding, "racist" and those who are socialistic/Marxist/communistic/dirt-worshipping-tree-huggers. Inflammatory language isn't necessarily a bad thing, when used properly ... just like civil liberties ... religious tradition ... a waffle iron ... fireworks.  BUT when it is being used for the purposes of stoking fires, fueling division, and, ultimately, societal destruction ... then it is not so great ... the words PURE EVIL come to mind.

Rumors spreading that RACISTS are behind the penning of 1070 ... numerous states jumping onto the bandwagon with complete disregard for the implications their half-cocked statements (made during the height of the orgasmic ecstasy experienced while smothered in the midst of those of like-mind .... the feeling is much different when you are standing ALONE and completely WRONG ... but that is another issue) incite.  There isn't anyone thinking RATIONALLY.  Or, if there are, they are hidden ... or in hiding ... or are being painted as a terrorist ... or discredited in some other creative fashion.

Stevens teased the MSM by announcing that he was contemplating retiring ... essentially, he was considering leaving the bench.  Enter the President's second opportunity to shape the SC ... (I'm STILL waiting for any suggestion of a more rounded representation) ... the entire Right went nuts with speculation, the Left completely consumed with anticipation.  Then, Silence.  Soon as the waves faded the announcement is made.  Did anyone catch that the initial statement was merely a test of the waters??? Then the debut of Kagan.  Aw, hell, here we go.

The most any organization and late-nite comedy was able to supply was a light-hearted account of height discrepancy, a second-hand account of her propensity to smoke, gamble, and drink beer.  Oh, and she's a firecracker.  Nothing of substance.  Nothing for an intellectual public to sink their teeth into, unless they exhibited a hint of ambition and proceeded to dig on their own.  Other than that, it was very similar to Campaign season ... only without the slinging of mud and insults .... more like the calm, glazed complacency exhibited by a majority of voters who do what their televisions (and Crispies) tell them to.  So ... to perk things up ... let's address a "problem" that has plagued the southwestern portion of this nation for generations ... and let's make it a helluva show. Something that could pale the beloved Cowboys vs Indians approach ... OOOH, I know!!! ... Let's pass legislation that will ignite complete divisive chaos. Hell yeah.  Meet Immigration Bill 1070 ... let the political games, hate-filled speech, and general discontent begin.

As a whole people DO NOT care about politics, the environment, OR their fellow man .... UNLESS  it affects them directly ... meaning NEGATIVELY impacts their MONEY, ASSETS, POSSESSIONS, CHILDREN, FAMILY, OR JOB. Or if there is something to gain ... and it is a SURE Thing. If none of the above is apt to alter their life in ANY way, people can do as they will. And if someone doesn't like it ... hell, this nation is big enough ... MOVE!!! 

And that is what they have done for what seems like forever.  Course there are anomalies ... instances of individuals banding together in legitimate protest for the common good.  But those instances are few and far between ... at least the MSM would lead you to believe as such.  Only publicized or discussed when it suits the needs of those in greater number, or power.

Those who are running this show KNOW all of this.  And it is being used to their advantage. There is money to be made in the discomfort, disbelief, and dishonesty that thrives in a time of crisis.  And immigration is no different.  

Coverage plays on human emotion.  Issues of human smuggling, abuse, neglect, and any other abominable form of indecency one could think of are thrust before our disbelieving eyes each and every day the subject makes its appearance on the 24/7 MSM news cycle.  And the Swine who come up with such filthy means of profiting continue to do so with the least bit of interference from those who claim to care.  Again, those behind the curtain KNOW THIS.  

The threat to individual security and national identity also serve to further stoke the fires of discontent and fear.  AGAIN, PEOPLE FEAR THAT (AND THOSE WHOM) WHICH THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND. Much of the american population has lived in a bubble of sorts.  Exposure to other cultures, their way of life, their loves, hates, fears, and joy are completely alien to small-town-tom who has run the feed store down at the corner for the past thirty years.  And you know what?  He doesn't give a crap b/c it HAS NO IMPACT on his immediate happiness or routine.  What does he care what goes on half a world away when he firmly believes there is nothing he can personally do about it ... besides, its not affecting him ... yet.  But it will.  AGAIN, they know this.

If the individual is unable to be threatened by small-town hypocrisy, then maybe the judgment of the immediate masses is enough to change their mind.  Start small ... in the small towns, districts ... then fuel with larger cities, then states, etc ... People are in their comfort zones ... those whom they surround themselves with pose no threat ... they all grew up together ... or they're related.  There is no necessity to learn of those who are different ... "Yeah, we may share this great country, but they are six states away.  We won't ever see one another.   Besides, it doesn't affect me."  But it will.  People are migratory creatures who seek out those areas that best suit their needs and ensure survival.  We are all going to mix eventually.  And, AGAIN, they know this.

How do they play on YOUR emotion?  What does it take to get YOUR attention ... and KEEP it??

The orchestration of this immense production is one that has taken YEARS to mature.  And it is still finding its voice.  Unfortunately, the irrational, knee-jerk reactions of the common man are serving to sufficiently fuel the anticipated success of numerous sub-plots that are forming in the background.  The complicated nature of the staging and scenery is enough to make Shakespeare roll over ... and not b/c of the costumes or lack of superficial organization.  

[Momentary intermission: Act 1: Scene 2-3 to begin 06.16.10]

Thursday, June 3, 2010



[Act I  will debut 06.04.10 ]