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Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Critic's Notes

The immigration scenery is constantly shifting into ever-winding, intricate spirals of apprehension, ignorance, and exploitation.  I have struggled deeply with the thought of continuing this "theory of examination".  Without even trying, I think that further exploration will take us down a road that I personally don't feel like traversing right now.  I am completely amazed at the fleeting attention this area of our social psyche receives ... only when it suits the objectives of those who serve to profit in some sort of fashion, monetary or otherwise. Focus zooms in on all that is wrong with humanity.  Conflict, violence, and sex ... high ticket items for a society starved for meaning.

I was (and still am) appalled at the racist feeding frenzy that occurred with the news that individuals of "other than Mexican heritage" were winding their way across the border.  Fueling the fires of anti-latino-ism wasn't enough ... now other cultures are being drawn into the mix.  As if they hadn't been before ... When the term "melting pot" was coined, I doubt this was what they had in mind. Meaning the ignorant, fearful base on which superficial acceptance is waved like a welcome flag ... until the dust gets kicked up and crap flies discriminately through the air.  I've said it time and again, PEOPLE FEAR THAT (OR THOSE WHOM) THEY DO NOT UNDERSTAND.  It takes too much time to make rational, knowlege-based decisions.  Knee-jerk reactions are in style ... Think long, think wrong .... especially if you wish to be included in the masses, where it is "safe".  But I digress.

(And now there are those jumping up and down, having a tantrum over the Language the president uses such as "Violent Extremism" ... WHY??? ... Persecute a Faith??? If they feel that strongly about it, then the terminology would have to be referred to with an acronym ... too many religious adjectives would be needed to modify Extremism ... that is, if you would list them individually ... No? ... well, either way, I know of one faith that would definitely rival or exceed that which is currently the focus of public fear, anger, scrutiny, and general feelings of discontent ... to put it mildly ... And, yet again, I digress ... Let's continue ....)

In light of the appalling trade of human smuggling, several individuals were placed in harm's way and a young man lost his life ... the only sense the MSM could make of the situation was further pitting one group against another ... instead of trying to understand the actions behind the Monster.  

It would seem that not enough people are paying attention to the Immigration Production ... or interest has waned ... momentarily.  OR the MSM has been depriving its info-hungry public with much needed nourishment.   Whatever the case, the above instance, I think was thrust upon the public in a timely fashion as a way to rekindle interest, action, protest ... some kind of response.  And it succeeded ... especially gaining international attention.  It isn't enough to further exploit all that is wrong with society ... but when all else fails ... and people no longer seem to care ... or become bored with the idea ... call on the children, elderly, disabled, and animals to further one's calls and increase the volume of a lone cry.  It works every time. 

Those who do no live near the border and have not voiced opinion in opposition to or in support of the immigration law were merely those towards whom this latest incarnation was directed.  If you don't hold any immediate ties to the situation, surely you are still fearful and harbor ill feelings towards those who are different .... those who may be responsible for all the havoc being wreaked on our Peaceloving Society ... then again, maybe not.  But if so ...

Allegiances are narrowing ... stifling any opportunity for growth or change.  At risk of sounding redundant, take inventory of your convictions ... I truly believe Darwin was onto something ... 

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