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Monday, June 21, 2010

Scene Change

The loud protests associated with the immigration production have fallen eerily silent. In the wake of the DOJ's announcement that a formal lawsuit will be filed to challenge the fledgling law it seems like people are seeking shelter from the coming storm.  And have you noticed the other states who have said they would jump on the Bandwagon have likewise fallen mute?  Only the truly dedicated are still waving their signs and chanting their mantras ... they don't have an election to fret over ... maybe this time one person's vote will be worth 10???!!! And then you have certain Rs who are stoking the fires of irritation and discontent with inflamed rhetoric and encouragement ... I'll give you a clue, Second Amendment??? Promptly followed by an "Ooops, didn't mean that,".... Individuals who speak such words KNOW that the general public doesn't always listen to EVERY word, but latches on to those that hold the most meaning for them ... IE: 2nd Amendment ... gun rights ... etc .... Quite frightening really.  

Before this is over it will reach the Supreme Court.  And the pieces are already starting to fall into place.  The key players are weighing their words and measuring their responses meticulously.  It is amazing to witness, really.  Trying to balance one's agenda, potential campaign strategy for the Nov '10 elections, and conscience all at the same time must be immensely stressful.  An none are the wiser.  A majority of the public isn't paying attention.  The common scenes associated with the immigration banner have fallen dark ... replaced by oil covered animals and flashy CEOs gracing the crystal clear FOREIGN waters on their fancy-dancy yachts (oops!).  Another PR nightmare in the making, and then, behold, Hayward steps down.  Didn't see that coming ... no wonder he was so mechanical during his testimony, he no longer cared.  Guess it is kind of like knowing you only have a couple more days before vacation and you slack off ... because you can.  Doesn't make it right.  It just happens.  

Anyway, keep an eye out for the future incarnations of the immigration debate cause it is long from over.  In recent days we have been informed that there are a little over a dozen Afhgan soldiers unaccounted for ... but don't panic ... they've been AWOL for more than two years now.   Just thought you should know, in case you see 'em.  Again, just an effort to slide a lil more fuel into the fires ... gotta let it sink in before it starts to burn.  People see it, hear it, but fail to process it until later.  Not sure why.  Guess it has something to do with being distracted by all the other more shiny stories filling the boob-tube.  

I am sure that once the whole debate reaches fighting words to be sparred before the High Court, we will finally see the 5'6" (or is she 5'7"?) beer-guzzling-poker-playing-powerhouse in action.  Yay!  It is about time.

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