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Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Ok..Ok...I Get It...

It's taken me some time. I admit it. Probably set some kind of record over there, up there, somewhere...where ever. It's so real though. I guess that's kind of a silly statement, considering it's the "real" I get. I DO have a vivid imagination gotta admit.

From that night next to the train track, to sitting alone on my mother's that guy that just appeared on the sidewalk, walking his nightly walk singing to himself while his ipod droned almost imperceptibly through the ear-buds. It's all a bit melodramatic, don't you think? A bit too much? The hints are dropping faster now. I have made the connections.

I am not ready yet though. Gotta see how this plays out. You know, like that movie you didn't think was really holding your interest until you had to see the climax and you robotically stay to see who done it. It's not really important...just loose ends need tying.
This is for you. The guy that hooked me up to this a game. I probably asked for it. Maybe even paid to have this real experience. I guess you maybe took my request or my currency, or maybe I stood in line for the experience over there.

But the game is almost up. Even if the biology conks out beforehand, the illusion wore too thin before I figured it out and kinda remember how I got here. Shame really. It was an unusual experience...I think. Compared to what, I don't remember entirely, but you have a hell of a product on your hands.
Sorry to see it coming to and end. Depending on my fully restored memory of what I really am...I might want to play again, if that's allowed or I can afford it. The program needs some tweaking, but all in all, if you kinda close your eyes to some of the things that don't really add could almost totally believe this immersion to the end.

Are all these other entities part of the game...or do they change to fit the player or are they other players? I have quite a few questions like these but I guess they can wait. Right now, it's a stormy-looking night in the game and although my game-body kinda aches, I think I'll go outside and wait for the storm.

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