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Friday, May 28, 2010

Immigration: A Production in Three Acts _ [Prelude]

Utter the word immigration right now and, depending on your locale, the reaction is most likely one of extreme emotion .... to the right or left.  There is no center within this debate.  Even the tone of one's voice when uttering the previously benign word is enough to adversely shift the tide.  

But many fail to realize, or admit, that the debate surrounding this subject is not where our attention should be focused.  There is too much at stake to jump aboard any bandwagon with reckless abandon.  But our people are people of action ... must have immediate gratification ... must Stand for Something: Don't really care what it is ... substance is irrelevant.  But Standing with Conviction in the midst of one's peers sends a strong message.  Alas, the wrong one.

When Arizona's 1070 was adopted, signed, made official, whatever one might say ... I don't believe that its crafting was malicious.  The shock waves it created no doubt caused a stir.  That part was intentional.  And the way it is currently playing out makes for enthralling TV, does it not??? What will happen next ... This AIN'T (yep, I said AIN'T) no American Idol people.

The people have become too complacent.  Their lives too mundane.  Nothing gets done.  There is no action taken in the face of all things questionable or morally wrong.  That is ... unless it is on one's door step, or directly impacts one's pursuit for material and spiritual happiness.  Thus, enter Immigration Fight stage right.  

Penned with superficial (I would guess) good intention, a forward step in the name of national security, blah, blah, blah ... this law merely touches on that which (if it was really of ANY importance at all, should have been done YEARS ago) makes people feel uncomfortable.  This country has been plagued by lawlessness, including illegal immigration, for how many years now???? And JUST NOW, as things are relatively calm, we have to give the people something to jump up and down about?  Wait, that's right, things haven't been calm w/healthcare, Supreme Court nominee hullabaloo, the latest episode of Man Destroying the Earth (commonly known as the Gulf Oil Spill), blah, blah, blah.  it is just people are aligning themselves and protesting areas of personal interest ... For example, Capitalists vs (whoever the Beckster suggests), Right vs Left (that one NEVER gets old), Progressive vs Conservative, Dirt-Worshipping-Tree-Huggers vs "Single Serve and Lovin' It" Immediate Gratification Junkies, blah, blah, blah ... you get the idea.

It is all part of the plan.  Feeling left out? Do things not seem to be as exciting as they once were? Are you looking for meaning in your life?  Wait for it.  If it hasn't been created yet, there will be a crisis tailored to fit your needs.  

Take healthcare.  Not into staying healthy, don't really care about massive debt or debating whether healthcare is a privilege or a right??? Fine.  Next ....

What about obsessing over the moral avenue this country is traveling courtesy of those who sit in judgment??? IE: the Supreme Court.  

I am all for these people.  They have it rough.  Really.  Yeah, they have job security, but look at all the bullshit they probably have to put up with too??? Besides, I am still awaiting a bit of balance within the high court ... spiritually.  

There are Catholics, Jews, nearly all the major religious organizations are present.  But, I don't believe perfect balance may be achieved and a true representation accomplished until ALL faiths (or lack thereof) are represented.  IE: Agnostic, Atheist, Pagan, Buddhist, Hindu, maybe even a Jehovah's Witness.  Just a lil balance is all I am seeking.  I wouldn't even care if the individual was religiously bi-curious.  Hadn't quite made up his or her mind as to which direction he or she felt spiritually compelled to follow. Both seem to fit ... but still feeing a bit torn as to which is better.  To me, it shouldn't matter if someone of A Different faith were to be appointed ... religion and personal faith have NO place in government, especially the court.  But that is another matter.   Alas, I have digressed.  Shall we continue this conversation at a later time?? Yes, we shall.  Until then, back to the matter at hand.   The "I" word .... 

So, where was I??? Oh, yes.  If there is nothing in the news to currently grab your attention, I know it may be difficult, but wait patiently.  The crises are not finished developing just yet.  

If healthcare, immigration, nor the role of religion and law don't suit your fancy there is always financial instability, world dominion ... er, sorry, governance, education, civil rights, international diplomacy, world war, and ... just for a switch ... privacy issues.  But, again, our discussion for the moment resides in Immigration.

People are easily swayed and the powers that be understand this.  Now, I am in no position to point fingers and say "It's THEIR fault," or "He is responsible," or "If she hadn't done this or that ...." besides, such trivial discussions are bullshit.  It doesn't matter.  What matters is the reaction and will of the people.

Only until recently has multiculturalism become a popular term in everyday conversation.  Well, maybe not so much popular as frequently used due to lack of a more appropriate ... PC ... term.  Either way, the discussion has weaved its way into the American fabric and is secure.  The people, on the other hand, not so much.  What is the first thing people do when they feel threatened???? Other than panic.  Act first, then think.  It is in their nature.  What is going on now??? There isn't too much THINKING going on.

When asked if they had read the bill, several high ranking individuals said "no," "I skimmed it," or "not yet," or something to the effect that essentially they were reacting in ignorance.  Wow. And these are the people running the show?  Are you at all uneasy about that?  Does it bother you ? 

Now multiply the relatively low number of those who will admit publicly that they have no clue what the bill states ... times ten-thousand.  That is a conservative estimate of the number of individuals out there who react on a daily basis out of PURE stupidity, not ignorance, but stupidity and no inclination whatsoever to remedy the situation.  It is more convenient to follow the actions of the masses, oblivious to the implications that said actions may present, and to think about things only after the dust has settled.

[I firmly believe that in the name of the actions described in the previous paragraph daytime Talk Shows should carry some sort of disclaimer to prevent the spread of such {fill in creative adjective here}.]

It is a Production.  People fear that which they don't understand and lash out when they feel they are being threatened.  Now, I am by NO MEANS condoning or excusing the violence and unrest that is going on in the areas allegedly affected (I say alleged b/c I am not there, I have not witnessed it and therefore have no FIRST HAND knowledge of the goings on ... unlike many of our Leaders, I feel immensely uncomfortable making bold statements without any knowledge or background).  

People need to start asking the Right Questions .... (To be continued ...)  

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