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Monday, April 26, 2010

No, You ... Mr. Smith

Wow!  Check you out ....

Struttin' around with that higher A.I-type mentality!  I bow to thy greatness ... I also play to thy Ego ... which, by the way, seems to be HUGE.

Other than that, terrific counter points.  However, there are a couple that I MUST address Now. 

Per your comment about "What do we have to lose?" --- From "Cheating Death": I am thankful to see that you freely admit that the luxury of mail-order parts and tune-ups wouldn't last forever.  At least I may take comfort in the notion that you aren't Completely delusional.  But it begs the question: WHY delay the obviously inevitable for That long??? 

As I mentioned before, life is entertaining, but damn man!  What would people have to lose by foregoing the notion of shuffling loose the mortal coil for a weeeee-bit longer?  How about the prospects of what lies behind the curtain?  Who knows??? Maybe on the other side of the Promotion lies a world of .... OOooh, let's see .... A world of beings who may put transhumans (is that even a word????) to shame!  OR maybe an existence that doesn't suck as bad as this unfair term of supposed incarceration does?  I dunno.  I don't mean to lash out, really I don't.  

I just don't understand such staunch resistance.  I understand for the sake of family, friends, all the earthly Attachments we possess, plus a longing to see an end to age-induced suffering and bitching, oh, and the elimination of suffering and disease (overall) ... the whole transhumanism idea might be appealing ... but if there ARE no earthly attachments (say, for instance, everyone you know and love have passed on), and everything sucks so bad that you dread getting up in the morning ... why delay the inevitable?  Why not embrace the transition and look toward the possibility of a second chance, a utopian afterlife, a next-go-around, or, hell, maybe even nothing at all .... Obviously, I don't know what resides on the other side ... or if the other side even exists. But I do think that for someone who seems to think that this existence causes so much discontent and suffering, why stick around that much longer?  Do you think that the story may have some unforeseen ending?  Waiting for Bob Seger to reunite with the Silver Bullet Band??? What?  

Sure the Science is out there.  The prospects are fabulously huge ... but then what???? It is our calling?????  You mentioned something about the next step with regard to where our consciousness and intellect "take us." Have you SEEN any news lately?  We can't even get along amongst ourselves due to petty differences ... how do you think people are going to react when Dear John down the street was able to afford the latest model of .... oh, I dunno ... chiseled abs (lame, but hear me out) ... and Jo Smo on the other block is looking with envy b/c his abs have started to sag and he cannot afford more abs or ab viagra or whatever is available to fix the problem?  Do you not think that may cause some sort of continued "petty, emotional, or psychological" conflict???? I just have a difficult time digesting the notion that when one's unconscious/memories/experiences/ blah/blah/blah is "uploaded" that she or he may forfeit the inconvenient emotional attachments to said "Data".  But, then, too .... maybe I am missing the point ... OR my human-ness centered survival/fear factor is kicking in. Yep, probably the latter of the two.  

Per your comment about the "wisdom and council of the aged":
To start, I was raised to Respect my elders (and I guess that would include you), and as a result I enjoy speaking with those who've been on this mortal plane much longer than myself.  There is a certain .... OOOOH, do I dare use the words??? Yes, I shall ... emotion that accompanies sitting with someone who experienced History and hearing them tell of their experiences.  For instance, my father was a young man during the Depression Era, my uncle served in Korea .... And, since their passing I feel a bit cheated.  Though what is contained in books, or other rather flat mechanisms utilized for the delivery of information, they do not come close to personal experiences and recollections.  Besides, Everyone knows that written history is like ... what, 75 - 80% BS, and that is a conservative estimate.  History is written by the winners ... and to add insult to injury, it is said that nearly, what? 100 or 150 years must pass before an even near-to-accurate account may be written?  Once all those with a vested interest are long cold in the ground???  I dunno it is some obscene amount of time.  

But, I digress .... I, dear Timster, am living in the 21st century, and yet I hold close my 20th c. or "old school" upbringing ... maybe you are familiar.  You know the one where children were raised by parents and not mechanical devices such as video games, computers, televisions, and all the other life-numbing, humanity robbing conveniences we all hold so near and dear ... And, yet I am transmitting these thoughts and arguments of mine on the one tool of my discontent ... Hypocritical, huh?  But it is true.  Again, though, I digress. Back in the day when families Talked in the car during roadtrips or outings ... and sometimes even sang or played car games together??  

I guess I am of a dying breed.  I care more for conversing and learning from those around me ... seeking out intellectual discussions, experiences, learning about people ... rather than sitting in front of a screen all day "surfing" for second-hand accounts and webbed stories comprised of fabrication ... er fiction ... bullshit ... and misdirection (Actually, aren't those the same thing in some circles???) written by equally misguided individuals whom I know I will probably never meet.  That, to me is more depressing than the mere thought of letting Mini Me flip the switch.

Sure I admit that my knee-jerk response may rest solely on my survival/fear mentality.  But I am damn proud of that mentality b/c that is what makes me Me, oh ... and Human ... biology proudly included.  Though I guess living in an age of transhumanism may prove to possess some interesting opportunities ... especially prior to warranty failure ... being able to boast that Yes, these, and this, and this, AND this ... are REAL.  Other than that, I don't think I would be able to derive much amusement from the notion of being surrounded by a bunch of Synthetic Beings.  Course, being able to poke fun if someone truly had a Meltdown ... or he or she had to go in for a DeFrag, literally ... or needed an Upgrade ... might offer some unique opportunities for some Serious (Satirical???) Social Commentary ... I dunno, I need to consider this whole notion of Mr. Smith type creatures running amok ... might be more fun that I am willing to admit.

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Timster said...

I would miss human singing...specially the blues...hahaha