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Tuesday, April 20, 2010

RE: Death, Death, Death

Wow! You're a pessimistic ol' Fart! 

Have you given any thought to maybe pursuing a hobby? Might I suggest ... oh, I dunno ... shuffleboard? Or collecting pop cans?  How about B-I-N-G-O?

All kidding aside, I think we may both agree that we are comfortable with the role of Dogma ... er, Religion and its "contribution" to the perpetuation of the potentially paralyzing fear of the Unknown, namely, Death.  We have established its role, however destructive ... or "potentially" destructive ... that role might be. 

In order to avoid a rambling response, shall I tick off the points one by one?  Here we go:

1.  Fear overriding chances for rest, yadda yadda, yadda. -- Ponder this.  People are not as Dogmatic, nor brainwashed as they seem.  There is a hint of "Maybe this shit ain't right, " floating around in all consciousness.  Preconceived notions are simply that ... NOTIONS.  Nothing is proven, if it were it would cut the fear factor in half at least.  

Humans have proved it time and time again ... they are FALLIBLE and, therefore, not ALWAYS right.  Preaching hellfire and brimstone is one thing.  The masses go after it like my cat attacks catnip ... and with the same impulsiveness ... it is only after the fact when it comes down to the wire ... when they're about to hurl or kick off that they start to second guess that maybe being a passive bystander and not an active player in their own salvation wasn't such a good idea after all.  I am just guessing, but it sounds about right.

The Here and Now is an all-consuming entity and therein lies the issue.  Immediate Gratification.  No one has come back to let us know if the passing is
or Freakin' Orgasmic.  

The only clues we are left with are that they (the Dead) are Generally never heard from again ... there is no post card to inform us of the view ... and they oftentimes look completely Peaceful.

Other than that we are left to our own devices to figure it out if we choose; Translated means: Screw up the notion of being promoted and attributing characteristics that may be as completely inaccurate as our interpretation ... speculation of the entire event.  
It is something to do.  
It passes time.
It makes us feel better to Ponder ... Discuss ... and Fear.  

And for some people, Fear is all they know.  Take that away and they would go nuts.  Kind of like taking a Passie from a baby, or a lollipop from a munchkin.  Shit just ain't right, man.  

So, to answer your question: Fear may not override the chance for respite from  complacency, the "veil of tears" or anything else until the individual is able to Completely Let Go of Fear itself.  A radical notion that is difficult to achieve ... forces you to Face the Unknown, look it square in the eye and declare "I am not afraid of you, Bring It."  Logical thought, true rationality and reason require strength, determination, and acceptance.  Not everyone is able to embrace such a radical notion as acceptance and responsibility ... but both are necessary to enable liberation. For many, Fear is the nurturer, the comforter, it is home ... 

2.  Life does NOT "generally" Suck -- You Need to Get out More.  You have too much time on your hands to sit around and whine about Bad vs. Good, Negative vs. Positive, blah, blah, blah.

You are very articulate and seem to be quite well-versed on things.  So why confine your perspective to mundane terms that don't amount to anything?  Why not find alternative ways to maybe explore the uncharted??? Not to say you are wrong and I am right, or vice versa.  Just thinking that you need to lighten up a bit.  

Maybe age does mellow people out.  Maybe not.  But it seems a bit selfish to say that life sucks and people should get what they can and run ... or in this case die.  Hell , that is the attitude that has put our society where it is today ... rape, pillage, and burn.  Take what you can get and screw everyone else (figuratively speaking, of course).  

3.  No fear is Petty.  --  No one has the right to judge another's fear as being petty OR consuming.  I don't care if the person is afraid of clowns (I am) or death.  Fear is fear and to the person who is experiencing it the emotion is immense ... or can be.  Telling someone to overcome fear is one thing, but to objectify it is dangerous.  It runs much deeper than the trigger, be it material or not.  Maybe if you encourage people to educate themselves about their triggers ... reason it all out it wouldn't be so traumatic for them.  I dunno, a thought.  Maybe I am simply rambling again.  Thoughts, thoughts, thoughts.  Blah, blah, blah.

4.  Finally, No Choice -- People ALWAYS have a choice.  How else do you explain the erratic behavior of humans??? Or the jackasses running around being jackasses, knowing they are such and Still behaving the same way?  Or, for a less jaded perspective, consider a notion Near and Dear to both our hearts.  Religion.

People DO wake up.  Though rare, it does happen.  Isn't realizing the Truth of things (it's never too late) and Mending one's ways and adopting a more admirable life a matter of choice?? How about those who try to work towards making  difference in the lives of their fellow humans? A matter of choice.  And when it comes the to idea of Death, don't people make a conscious choice to make amends with people and live in a "better way" in the face of uncertainty or death? Granted Fear drives them to make changes, but they choose to make those changes all the same. Their actions may or may not be sincere, but they Choose to act differently.

That being said, I think you are wrong about individuals not having a choice.  People usually do not remember being born.  Nor do they think much of their passing ... that we know of.  But they do choose their actions ... and sometimes that act is committed out of fear, desperation, or necessity.  Inaction is even a choice.  But humans do not remain stagnant, and if they are they do not remain so for long.  

Now, I have to say ... and agree ... that we do not have a choice when it comes to the inevitable act Death ... er, dying per se. Or do we?  There's suicide, homicide, Murphy's Law, accidents, and ... well, I would venture to say those scenarios qualify as Method.  My Ooopsie ... Well, I guess in that sense, we do possess ... or our fellow humans may possess ... a certain amount of control or choice on the matter.  Alas, we all get to take a ride sooner or later. Call it a draw.

And with that, I forfeit.

You win.  The last point is yours.  We do not have a choice.  

Course, the next notion may be ... er, already is in some respects I suppose... how to cheat the Ol' Chap outta his (fill in blank: hobby, job, investment, drudgery, payment).  

Next thing you know people will be advocating the use of artificial intelligence, robots, and other artificial methods of trying to stay one step ahead and somehow consider themselves Winners. Oh, how delusional they shall be ... b/c it is all an Illusion.

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